How to change your Internet Explorer home/start page

If you're still using Microsoft's Internet Explorer and are tired of seeing MSN.COM every time you open it, change it!

If you are using Internet Explorer to surf the web, please take a moment to read why you should be using Firefox or any other browser for security reasons: Why Internet Explorer is not safe.

If you are stuck with Internet Explorer, or are forced to use it for other reasons, changing the start page is easy.

What is the home page?

The Internet Explorer home page, also known as the start page is the page that displays when you first open Internet Explorer. For most newer versions of IE, the home page is set to MSN.COM.

Follow these steps to change your Internet Explorer Home page:

Method one:

  • Open Internet Explorer and browse to the page that you want to be your home page
  • From the Internet Explorer menu, select TOOLS, then select INTERNET OPTIONS
  • On the Internet Options window, in the Home Page section, press the USE CURRENT button
  • Press the OK button

That's it! From now on, each time you open Internet Explorer, it will display your new start page!

Method two:

An even easier way to set your home page

  • Open Internet Explorer and browse to the page that you want to be your start page
  • Click on the little icon to the immediate left of the address in the address bar and HOLD the mouse button
  • DRAG the little icon (while still holding down the mouse button) to the Home Page button above or next to the address bar.
  • When prompted if you would like to set the new page as your start page, select YES

set IE home page
That's it! An even easier way to set the home page in Internet Explorer!

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