I'm back:)

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I'm back:)

Hello all,

  Just wanted to let you know I am now back online and will be answering my mail....Sorry if I missed anything important but I was in the hospital...nasty little episode with my heart...blood pressure kept going away and heart rate kept dropping into the 3o's....UGH... It was not fun!!!!  Will say I was MOST impressed with the paramedic that started an IV in route..even with veins pulling a vanishing act due to low pressure he got one going on the first try...found out later it was cause he used to be a vet tech and was used to starting IV's on cats..lol  said they would get even if you missed and had to stick twice..lol  

anyhow...am back, mean as ever :)

Take Care 



Re: I'm back:)

eeeeeks! i'm guessing you are far too young to have to deal with those type of medical issues mamacass. so stop it! behave already. we like you around here!

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Re: I'm back:)

 Hey Cassie, I'm so sorry to hear of your dilemma.  you must be  part cat...ya know, you got the 9 lives and you get a vet to get your iv started in your cat veins! I hope you're feeling back up  to par and we'll be seeing you on the forums...juliek

Re: I'm back:)

I hope you are feeling better Cassie. Take it easy 

Re: I'm back:)

I hope that all is well now. Its good to see you back in the forums. Right now it's all about taking it easy.



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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

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