I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

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I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

Hello everyone! I'm actually really surprised that there's a category for this but I'm happy there is.

I just wondered if there's a specific website I can visit to lookup information for a cell number. I've had continuous prank calls from this one particular number. It's been two months (literally) and I'm so fed up!! This person used to block their number but now they don't even care to do that. I have the number but every time I call it back to find out who it is...the person picks up and either laughs or just breathes on the line...then hangs up! I want to find out for sure who this is...so I can take further actions to have them stopped. I'm being harassed and I don't know what to do. Can someone please help me or refer me to someone/something that can. Is there anyway to hack into this number?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much. :)


Re: I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

It won't give you all the info, but this site:


is free, and might at least help you narrow down who it is, or where they're from.  Good luck. 


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Re: I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

If what you mean by "further actions" is the police, then all you have to do is go the the nearest station and file a report for harassment.  They will subpoena the provider that number is using, say Verizon for example, and Verizon will give the police the persons's name, etc.  The site mentioned in Lady's post is good, but you have to pay and you will find out who it is but then what do you do?  Call them? It is strange they are calling you and not hiding their number, it is like they want you to know it is them.  

Re: I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

Wow, , I should change to Sprint. Verizon and T-Mobile are both unable to block numbers!

Re: I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

Verizon can block numbers. Call and talk to a customer service representative and they can help you. I have had Verizon block a couple of numbers for me.

Re: I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

Why don't you just have someone you know call the number from a different phone? Put it on speakerphone or something so you can hear their actual voice... maybe then you can pick out if it's someone you know or not... from there you can take it to the police or whatever you wanted to do.

If you choose to do this remember there are 2 ways, and if the first one fails, wait a day or two before doing the second from another different phone, and another different person...

1) you can have your friend just ask them straight up who they are... maybe as though they just realized they may have called the wrong number (ie: 'hey, uh... wait a sec, who is this?'... keep in mind, most people don't like being called and asked who they are... so they might just pull the 'well who are *you*, you called me' thing... but if they aren't paying attention or if they don't think anything of it, they might tell you.

2) if the first doesn't work, wait a day or so and have a different friend call... don't ask who they are, just start up a conversation as though they call everyday... possibly if your friend can keep them talking, you might get a better idea who it is if you hear more of the conversation. This one of course will have to be on speakerphone so that you can hear them.

These are just some ideas if it's not serious... I've used them in the past when I get unknown numbers and they usually work for me.

If on the other hand it is serious harassment, then I'd go to the cops... take a phone statement and prove that this person is in fact calling you all the time... I don't know if they'll give *you* the person's info... but you can have their number blocked... if they keep doing it, let's say from another number, and they already have a complaint or two from it, then the police might be able to do more. 


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Re: I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

All these suggestions are great.

I wonder if they stalk you on myspace? 

Also, there is always a 1% chance that they randomly seeked you out, or they thought they have been harassing someone else the whole time, or are just a bunch of kids getting their teenage thrills.

If they arent threatening you, the police will blow you off--unless you talk to one who isnt in a bad mood or isnt in a big hurry or hasnt had tons of complaints like yours, etc.

good luck.


Re: I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

Go to http://www.searchdetective.net/ you can put in the phone number. It will re direct you to a site called www.intelius.net. It will tell you if there are any records for that number. Intelius is a good website. I've used it both for finding someones address that is unpublished and I tracked a cell phone with just the number. It costs somewhere around 7.00 but you will get the cell phone carriers name and the persons name, address, and phone number who the cell phone account belongs to. Then you can call their home number and complain that you have all the info you need to call the police.

Re: I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

WOW!!! Thanks for the help. :)

Re: I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

*57 = Call Trace

 you might try putting a message like this on your voice mail system:

I'm sorry I/we can't come to the phone right now but you must leave a message. I/we are receiving annoyance calls and the phone company has a trap on this line. If you do not leave a message I/we will assume that you are the annoyance caller and this call will be traced.


What can my local phone company do if I am receiving harassing calls?

If the calls are frequent or particularly threatening, the phone company can set up a "Trap" on your phone line. The Trap allows the phone company to determine the telephone number from which the harassing calls originate. You must keep a log noting the time and date the harassing calls are received. Traps are usually set up for no more than two weeks. The phone company does not charge a fee for Traps.

A phone company service called Call Trace may also be able to help track down harassing calls. Immediately after receiving a harassing call, you enter the code *57 on your phone and the call is automatically traced (1157 on rotary phones). Call Trace is easier than using a Trap since the customer does not have to keep a phone log. But Call Trace technology works only within the local service area. (Look in the "Customer Guide" section of the phone book or the phone company's web site for a description of your local service area.)

Call Trace must be set up in advance by the individual receiving harassing calls, and it requires a fee for use. However, in situations where the phone company would ordinarily use a Trap, you might not be charged if the phone company suggests that Call Trace be used as an alternative. Be sure to ask.

The information collected from Call Trace or from a Trap is turned over to law enforcement personnel, not the customer. Law enforcement officers try to stop the harassing calls by either warning or arresting the harasser. With both Call Trace and a Trap, your phone conversations are not listened to or recorded by the phone company.



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Re: I'm being harassed from an unknown cell!! Help!!

This problem may be resolved but I thought I would share my two cents anyway.  Some phones have the option to receive calls only from the numbers stored in your phone.  If they are not stored in your phone the call goes directly to voice mail.  I have to wait until my son gets home to give you the steps.  I do remember that it was under the security settings.


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