I'm New To All This...

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I'm New To All This...

Hi everyone!! I'm knew to this website so I'm still checking everything out, but I was wondering if there was a way to become a trusted member and gain access to the private forums without having to pay for the subscription. Any information is appreciated.

Thanks! :)


Re: I'm New To All This...

Keep helping people out, you'll work your way up the GUG ladder!

Oh, and welcome to the family! 

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Like the CritterKeeper said, make a lot of helpful posts and you can get Premium Membership for free. Every person that has the little blue star under their name (like Critterkeeper) has done just that!

You can read a little more about it here: How to get free premium membership

Re: I'm New To All This...

Becoming "trusted" is a combination of how long you've been a member plus how many gug-points you have.

it's not an automatic system, and every badge or membership upgrade (other than paid upgrades) are done after manually reviewing the member and their posts.

in general, to become "trusted" one must have been a member for at least 3 months, and have around, approx. 100 GuG Points.. some members may become trusted sooner than that or with less gug-points if they've made many, good, very helpful posts.. others, may not become trusted after even longer or with more GuG points, if their posts arent helpful, or appear to be just an attempt to run-up their points.

and remember.. .you dont have to be a coder to make helpful posts.. we have forum sections on cooking, playing games, "parents help", taxes, TV/Movies and Music, and more. Lots of different subjects to choose from.



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Re: I'm New To All This...

Thanks! You guys have been helpful! I didn't think I'd get answers so fast!

Re: I'm New To All This...

Welcome to GuG!  You've already gotten the answers you needed so I hope that you enjoy your time here and make many helpful posts!

Re: I'm New To All This...

Hey, welcome man. I just joined as well.

Seems like a very helpful community.

Definitely going to enjoy my stay here.

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