Im really a sucker for.....

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Im really a sucker for.....

 Finish the sentance...


Im really a sucker for___________.




 Ok here goes mine...


Im really a sucker for PURSES!

I love, love, love PURSES!!! any color, material, brand...

Why?? Hummmm.... maybe because im a GIRL! i donno.. I just love to collect them.. My fav is Louis Vuitton Purses... Yes I'm crazy... =) I probaly have at least 20-30 purses.. & one day i'll get to pass them on to my lil one (no i dont have kids, yet) 







Re: Im really a sucker for.....

Shoes!!! Heels, flip flops,wedges, ankle straps, patent leather, red, black, plaid................I gotta have them!!!!!!!!!!  I could sit on zappos for HOURS just looking at shoesssssssssssssss...............(purses come in a close second and of course...........clothes!!!!!!!)


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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

DITTO.. I can't get enough. I love Sandals are my worst affliction, especially strappy sandals... oooh... and boots, I love boots.... 

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

......ugly purses. they grow on me. plus, no one else will show up at the same event with your purse & they are a great conversation piece. must match. i'm a freak about that.

......bangles and earings. matchy-matchy ones.

.....hats & scarves are a must in the fall & winter.

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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

The store "Express", i simply CANNOT pass one without going in and making a purchase. Whether it's a shirt, pants, skirt, or a simple tank top, I love love love their style and quality of clothes.

Re: Im really a sucker for.....

Old Navy.  I love that store.  I almost always buy something there when I go, even if I need it or not...  


Re: Im really a sucker for.....

Material thing---> Hmm....TARGET.  that store nails me every time.  i go in for one thing, come out with a shopping cart FULL.

Non-material ---> GUILT.  gawd, i have a problem w/that.  for example, even if every sane person would say no to someone for something i will feel guilty and say yes.  i'm gettin a backbone though, slowly but surely. 

*little do they know...*

Re: Im really a sucker for.....

We have the same issues... lol I L-O-V-E Target!  I love their tops they have, especially for summer now... :)  I got a cool tank top from there, black with silver stars.  


And guilt.. yup, I feel the same way.  I feel guilty when people ask me for a favor and I almost always say yes, even if i don't want to.  I think I will join you in trying to get a backbone, though it's been really difficult for me! 



Re: Im really a sucker for.....

I Love Target!!!! no lines.. organized wayy better than Wal-mart!

yup.. go in for one item come out with ten! 


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Re: Im really a sucker for.....

The Old Navy, GAP, AmericanEagle, purses, and shoes Kiss I am such a sucker for shoes!! I have a whole closet full of shoes!!

Re: Im really a sucker for.....

 For shopping. I have a serious problem. I can't leave ANY store without buying SOMETHING. It drives my family and my Sweetness crazy! I probably have over 50 pairs of shoes, and 75 purses and counting because I saw this really cute purse as I was walking past Nine



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