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Hello, I got my partners old iphone, (she got a new one. i got 4 she got 4S. ) for that reason the phone number is still active on the phone. although is been "activated" as I did not enter my sim card yet. I want to receive my partners imessages. When I go to use your apple ID for imessage. and enter my details, I see her number and my email address. I can then uncheck the apple id email but not the phone in the imessages settings. so the phone will be hers, but the apple id mine. who will get the messages? will she see my apple id? will there be any notifications? (im not adding new devices to icould, just imessages.) both phones are ios 6+ the goal is to keep getting her imessages. thank you.



Re: imessage

I've never run through this scenario, so I have no idea what's going to happen.

At this point my guess is that it will associate her (the currently active) phone number with your Apple ID - Which I believe would result in a mixture of both of you getting some or all of each other's messages.
What I do know is that when you associate your Apple ID with that phone number which is presumably already associated with your partner's iCloud account, a notification will be sent to all devices associated with that account.

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