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- is in your extended network

How does Myspace know if someone is in your extended network? I deleted the myspace account, switched computers, moved my programs and preferences with PC Relocater to a different computer.

I was surprised to see that when I viewed somebodys profile that had been in my extended network, it said ‘they are your my extended network’. But the original profile doesn’t exist, and I don’t have a new profile?

So I thought it must be cookies, so I deleted them. Then rechecked the profile again, and it still says that they are in my extended network. But I should be a nobody now, right? So I though that it must be seeing my IP address, so I used Anonymiser, and checked the profile again, and still Myspace says that they are in my extended network.

So is this some type of mega-cookie that Myspace has created that they know who I am based on an old profile? And if so, what information about my machine are they able to see that way? And how would I clear that data?



Re: - is in your extended network

Everyone in myspace is in your extended network

Re: - is in your extended network

ohkay, you're extended network goes something like this

you<->your friend<->your friends friend<->your friends freinds friend

anyone who is that close or closer to you is in your extended network.

but because of Tom, and Tila Tequilla and a few other people.....

you<->Tom<->all of Tom's Friends<->just about everyone else

or maybe

you<->your friend<->Tom<->all of Tom's Friends

now, for some reason I just pointed my other browser at a Myspace page; and that browser is not logged into Myspace and it still says extended network, so maybe Myspace changed it. But I don't know.

Re: - is in your extended network

WOW......Miami...I hope you didn't go thru all that trouble just so you could have a clean "extended network."

And Foam is exactly right, because quite frankly from the 70 or so peeps I know, I have over 159,189,664 in my network!!!!

The truth has no deadline...Oskar Schindler

Re: - is in your extended network

I even get it from an account with no friends.

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