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Interesting for some

The most interesting part of this post is that I'm actually making it from the past.  Well.. From the past if you are reading it in 2012, but actually in the future from my point of view, here on March 6, 2009.

One of my powers you see, is that I can predict the future.  Peshaw, you say?!

I predict that by the first 3 months of the year 2012 Facebook will have become very popular.  So popular that will use Facebook to gather fans and give away interesting gifts!

Further, I predict that you will find this page in your quest to learn how you can further your endeavors in these fun and games - therefore, I submit this:

If you find this post, share it on the Facebook Wall and I predict that you will get  2 0 extra R e w a r d  P o i n t s  toward your goal of winning one of those  i P o d s !


And oh, the world will end on Dec 21, 2012, so there's that too..





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