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Learn how to surf the web and keep your computer safe

If you're reading this web page then you've already figured out the basics of maneuvering your way around the Internet. But are you surfing in the safest most efficient way? If you aren't sure then read on:

"..You simply cannot ignore the fact that Microsoft Internet Explorer is not safe to use.."

Get Firefox and surf the Internet with Safety, security and privacy.

Firefox 3

Firefox is free for everyone, contains no spyware, and is considered the best free, safe web browser available today.

Finding your way around the web:

Real geeks simply enter the address they want directly into their web-browser, or by clicking a previously saved bookmark or Favorite. But what do you do when you don't know an address or aren't even sure what you're looking for?
TIP: you can quickly bookmark a web page or add it to your Favorites by holding down the "control" (ctrl)button and pressing the "D" key at the same time. Try it!

Internet Search Sites Rule the Web!

Well, not really, but without internet search sites there would be no effective way to find anything! By far, the best, biggest, most effective search site is GOOGLE. Simply type in "" (without the quotes) into your web browser, then type what you're looking for into the Google search box on the Google page, then press the 'search' button. Google will show the results of your search with the most relevant sites listed first - just click the links and you're surfing! Note that when you click on a link, you only need to click once. Click here for more help using Google.

Google isn't the only search site:

Sure, there are others such as or and you would have to try them all to choose which you like best, but it's generally agreed that Google is the best internet search page due to it's speed and lack of spam websites in it's results.

Now that you know how to get around the far-reaches of the internet, do you know the risks?

What are you driving while you surf?

A web-browser is the program that you use to navigate the web. Chances are the browser you are using right now is Microsoft's Internet Explorer.
How to stay safe on the internet

Did you know there are other safer web-browsers you can use?

Did you know that most internet security experts agree that you should not use Microsoft's Internet Explorer?

Click here to read about the different browsers and why you should use them

Learn how to keep your internet surfing private



What are safe web proxies to use that won't cause harm to your computer such as spyware and/or malware?  I understand that there are some that must be downloaded but which ones are safe that you don't have to download and are free and anonymous?

Most web-based proxies are safe to use - i would stay away from the type that you have to download, because you never know what you're actually downloading.

We used to recommend night-proxy, but i think they went out of business.

Check this page: Get to myspace when it's blocked

it talks about using web proxies or proxy services in combination with Firefox to 'surf securely'. The page focues on using the proxies for Myspace, but you could use them for any site..

This is what I have been using: Have you ever heard of that site? At work, I cannot download Firefox due to restrictions against downloading things from the computer. I have not tried but we all got a "threatening" email about downloading software on their computers. However, I have tried to read on what exactly web proxies do, yet, still have some confusion.

there is a version of firefox that has a proxy built in and you can run from a flash drive as well

Hey i am in finland for like 4 more months and i am trying to figure out if there is a site that shows Live TV channels..i had Viidoo, but it doesnt work anymore...Does anyone know any other sites?...if i have to pay for it i will...i just need something....thanks

I recommend TOR (The Onion Router called so because it has many layers like an onion.) and privoxy in combination with each other, which if you get a good TOR download like the one form the TOR website you will get them in the single install file, tor is 100 percent un-tracable due to the way it works, basically the Data packets get sent across what could be 100's of routers (there are thousands in the TOR network) and basically each router only knows the next router its going to send the data packet to so therefore the whole path the data takes will never be known, because even if a router gets comprimised it will only know the next router in the chain and it changes all the time so the path is never the same and is never known by anyone.

Download TOR from here you can also get further information at the same site you keep your same ISP (internet service provider) Because basically your internet is just a gateway for TOR to work with, i currently use it with firefox as there is a nifty little firefox pluggin you can get for TOR, but hit up the TOR Site any further info needed

As a business owner I need to ensure that my employees are not spending their entire day surfing the internet as well as protecting the company from liability issues depending on what sites they may be visiting. I know you can check the "history" to determine what sites have been visited, but if the history and cookies are deleted where else can this information be located?

If it's enabled, a router has all a log of all outbound and inbound connections.

Same with a firewall log, but you have to enable the log if you're using Windows Firewall. 

You can probably have your Sys Admin or tech set up an email report from your router logs, if it's advanced enough.

Free software is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer.

I googled myself and found my first and last name posted and linked to porn sites.

Some are active links, some are dead links, it was all posted within the last 90 days.

How can I remove these links?

I have reported 3 of them to google/yahoo dead links page, but some of them keep  redirecting to other sites.


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