The Internet is Getting Slower

A survey released this week shows some interesting information about the evolution of the internet around the world. The surprising thing is that, despite continuous technological advances the average speed of the internet is not getting any faster. On the contrary the internet is actually getting slower around the world.

At the end of 2011 the average internet speed was 2.3Mbps, which is a 14% decline in just one quarter. Not only is the worldwide average declining, the you.S. is declining as well. The strange part is, nobody really knows what is causing the decline in internet speeds. Akamai, the company behind the report, says that their data shows absolutely no trend or reason that would have made speeds drop, but yet it has been consistently declining.

If this trend continues, it won't be long before we are all back to dialup speeds. Everybody better hope that doesn't happen, especially since everyone is so dependent on highspeed internet now.




The reason for the obvious propaganda is that Internet 2 has been designed by the elites. It will be a pay service locked down for more government tracking and corporate profit. Currently, the only place you can find the truth about the world is the Internet. The internet is waking up people too fast for our controllers so they are pulling out all the stops to limit free speech.

This sounds very interesting and concerning! Can you please post a link to your source for the information about Internet 2 (which I assume you mean IPV6? or, something else?) being a paid service, and locked down for more government tracking and corporate profit?
BTW? My current Internet (Internet 1?) is a paid service, is driven by corporate profit, and the government doesn't have any trouble tracking anything.

And if you really want to wake up watch these two videos:

You can choose to ignore it or you can wake up and start using and as the bible to stay informed.

could It be that due to the earths over population and so many people using It that It Is slowing down? I know when I'm online when my Grand kids are In school I have no problems at all,but when they get home and get online while I,m on It slows down especially If I'm watching a movie and one of them starts down loading something.I don't understand anything about the concept of how the internet works but after we were hit by the tornadoes and had no power for over a week when It was finally fixed It kept going out for awhile and the power company said It was due to overloads on the systems all at once.

The internet CAN slow down for YOU if you use a shared cable network to enter the internet. It is not the Internet slowing down in this case, it's only your leaf at the end of the tree.

I recently listened to a podcast from Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson's Security Now series entitled Buffer Bloat. Below is a link to the audio, I suspect that Buffer Bloat on the routers along the internet is the cause of the slow-down. After listening to the podcast, I think you will agree that this is plausible. Regards, Richard

I've listened to old Steve go on about the whole buffer bloat thing also. Buffer bloat being part of the issue is certainly plausible, but i don't think it is the main/only cause. The main cause is obviously TOO MUCH PORN!!

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