iOS 6 and iCloud

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iOS 6 and iCloud

1) Can someone see my texts or activity that I am doing on my iphone 4 with ios6 if I do NOT have icloud account but they do? Can they add my phone number to their account and see any of what I am doing? In middle of break up and moving out and think he is quite capable of trying to see what my communications are. As far as I know, he does not know any of my login's for email accounts (gmail, yahoo) or even my lock code on my phone.

2) Am I able to login to his icloud account from on my computer and see what he has been doing? Me thinks that the person constantly accusing another of cheating is doing it himself...




Re: iOS 6 and iCloud

1) Basically NO
2) the website would give you access to emails, contacts, reminders, calendar, and Find My iPhone (to track the iPhone)..

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