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Internet Addresses And Formats Explained For Beginners

The InternetOne of the most confusing things to a new internet user is internet name formats and the different types of internet address formats. Below is a easy to understand explanation of the two most common types of internet addresses. Every computer on the internet has it's own unique 'address'. When data is sent over the internet between computers, this address is used to determine the destination of the data, much in the same way the street address on an envelope tells the post office where to send your bills. Internet addresses usually consist of 4 groups of numbers, separated by 'dots' (periods). For Example: belongs to a certain very large software manufacturer. To make things more easy the internet uses a Domain Look up System or "DNS" to translate these numbers into names that are easy to remember. So instead of typing www. into your web-browser program, you can type instead!

Internet Address Types Explained

There are several different types of address formats. The most common are: W W W (or http:) and eMail When you want to visit a web page, you enter a WWW (World Wide Web) or (HTTP) into your web-browser program (usually Internet Explorer, or the safer web browser, FireFox). The format of a web address is: (instead of .com, it may end in .biz, or .gov, .edu, org, etc) When you want to send an email, you must use the email address format of (or biz, edu, etc, same as above) For example: [email protected] Although the company name (in this case grownupgeek) and the 'dot com' are the same as a WWW address, the recipient's name must be placed in front of the ' @ ' followed by the company name.

A very common mistake that new internet users make is trying to email something to "" or tying to visit a website, such as "". By remembering the two different types of common address formats you can avoid this simple mistake!

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