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My story is a bit unique than these others, as my thief IS A POLICE OFFICER! UGHH!

Okay so I got taken into custody/arrested when I went to see my probation officer (they had a silly warrant, for a missed court date that they didn't even mail me a letter or anything so I didn't know about it [I got a dui months ago but only blew 0.08 which is bull-pucky-rooney-toot-tooty as thats not over the limit it shouldn't of counted...but thats beside the point {they also didn't mail me anything letting me know I had a warrant or I would've turned myself in}]

I had my iPhone 4S and my charger with me, along with my favorite hat + belt and whatever else I had on my person when taken in (TUESDAY)... Warrant was for a different county than I see my probation officer at, so I had to sit in the jail across the street from my P.O. for a whole day and a whole night... (The sheet I saw them write up had generic names for everything (White hat, black belt, black cellphone, etc... which I thought was odd and kinda pissed me off) It's a damn black iPhone 4S bottom-meany-roonies not a 'black cellphone'

Then they transferred me to a middle ground jail (now in the right county but not the right jail still), when I left the jail I seen my iPhone and other belongings in a plastic bag come with me on the bus ride... At this place I was reprocessed and I remember a cop asking me if this was my stuff (the plastic bag containing my iPhone) I said yes that's my stuff, that's my iphone!

I had to then sit ALL FUCKIN DAY AGAIN in a cell, and all FUCKIN NIGHT AGAIN... (THURSDAY)The next morning I seen some B.S. judge who didn't do shit for me (in terms of releasing me) Then after court and waiting in tiny HOTTT rooms with 20+ guys crammed in each, being moved around a shit load. I finally got on a bus to the real destination jail...

Here's where things go bad, I didn't see my stuff come with me this time... And I asked some other guys if they were bringing m stuff even though I didn't see it, they assured me that yes they were bringing my stuff, which made me feel at ease a little bit... for the mean time....

After setting in numerous bullpen's/holding cells all day AND all night being moved around, They finally put me in my division where there's many bunk bed cotts and (FRIDAY MORNING) I finally got some sleep ... I had to then endure this waking up, going to jail work (I was on the worker side [they just put me there wasn't by choice] ALL THE WAY UNTIL MONDAY MORNING when I finally saw my (around 3:00pm) real judge who let me go on an I-BOND because I had done nothing wrong / turns out they mixed up some paperwork / forgot to mail me a letter of the court date... (aholes why couldn't the first judge do that)

Then after waiting all day and then a long process at around 2:00am right before I was being let out the door, I didn't get my iPhone back, nor did I get my hat or anything else even my wallet with everything else in it besides my state ID (which was taken out of my wallet)!! URGHH what the F... The guy in the window said that's all they had for me...

I tried calling around from other's peoples phones the next day, after finally getting home... And they all say they don't have my stuff, they don't admit to "losing" it, only that they don't have it... Like pretending I never even spent the last 7-8 days in jail!!!

What can I do? I suspect some bottom-meany-roonie cop stole my iphone and threw away all my other stuff including my wallet with credit cards and anything else important I had... But I'm most concerned about my damn iPhone!!!! UGHHH!!

I had location services enabled on my phone (the find my iphone feature) but I haven't gotten it pop up any time I try locating it!!! How do you enable the option to get email notification when it does pop up? As someone said you could... I can't find it anywhere on icloud.com, on the find my iphone or anywhere on iCloud...

Also when you click on Devices on the FindMyIphone screen it shows my iPhones name, but underneath it, it says Location Services Off, how can it know that? That is normal right? Or does it mean the cop who stole it turned it off? (Someone try it, turn your iDevice off and try to locate it and then click devices and see if it says "Location Services Off"... I'm hoping that's the case...

The other issue is I didn't have service on it, I was using talkatone app whenever near a wifi hotspot to make calls... So I'm depending on this cop connecting it to wifi at some point...

And even if I do one day locate it's GPS position... Would I call the police to have it recovered? I don't think I can trust them as they are the ones who stole it in the first place... And the cop who stole it probably will hear it on his radio!!! WTF DO I DO!!!

I will just have to confront this cop myself and say look bottom-meany-roonie, you are not above the law! You're supposed to protect people from getting their iPhones getting stolen, and you're the one taking them!!!! PIGS!!! NOW I REALLY HATE EM!



I would first like to point out that not all "pigs" are the same.. Just because one bad cop stole something from you IMHO is not a reason to hate them all.

Now.. on to your questions...

The option to get the email is on the icloud.com website under Find My iPhone. If the device is listed as "offline", there will be a checkbox that says "Notify me when found".

If your iPhone is showing with Location Services OFF, then the phone is online, but someone has turned off location services - you won't have the option to Notify you when it's found but you DO have the option to erase it or better yet put it in "Lost Mode" which will let you display a phone number to call you and (i think) a nasty message (think carefully when typing your message!) - and it will fully lock the phone making it unusable and difficult (not impossible) to erase.

You won't locate it if location services are off. But if you do, yes, call the police.. Remember, not ALL police are bad. "THEY" didnt steal it.. "HE" stole it. Confronting the cop yourself, IMHO would probably be the single biggest mistake of your life.

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