Does Callous Clear work or is it a ripoff?

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Does Callous Clear really work?
Oh, with that endorsement, I must buy some now so I can have that baby soft skin too!!!!!
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Re: Is Callous Clear a scam or does it work?
I see this same review word-for-word on other sites. Clearly a shill.
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Callous Clear scam

Very clearly a shill. The company is a complete joke. It does appear, at least, that they are not stealing from people.

The only reason I searched for "Callous Clear" in the first place is because I was curious about a company that misspells the name of its own product. Really people, do you actually expect this to be a worthwhile product?

I think this is simply a case where the company is truly more stupid than their target (ignorant) market.
Your nearest local drug store/pharmacy/department store will have several less expensive and proven products on their shelves. Most are open 24 hours. How much easier could that be?

Callous Clear review
So curious to know that is , it working well?
Callous Clear order cancellation

I ordered my Callous Clear in August. Today I got a card in the mail from them:

From: TELEBrands

Important Notice Concerning Your Recent Order!

Thank you for your recent order for Callous Clear.  Unfortunatly, we are unable to ship your product at this time.

Your order has been cancelled.  If you ordered by check, a refund check has been issues and mailed to you.  If you ordered using a credi card, your card was not billed.

If you have any questions regarding this, please call our customer satisfaction department at (973) 227-8777 between 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

We sincerely appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I guess no Callous Clear for me!  


Callous Clear a scam
I ordered this product [callousclear] on 8/11/2012 and have heard absolutely nothing fromm the company.
Re: Callous Clear a scam

That's roughly when i ordered my Callous Clear - see the comments below for the "sorry you wont be getting any Callous Clear" postcard they sent me just the other day.

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Re: Is Callous Clear a scam or does it work?

I, too, ordered this product several months ago but have heard nothing from the company. I tried going to the website I was referred to by their customer service product ( here is what showed up on the screen: Track Your Order

Please enter the following information
Your Phone Number: () -

I entered my phone number and got this message: Your tracking information is unavailable. Please try an alternate number.
If the problem persists, please call the customer service line (800) 777 - 4034 to better assist you.

All to no avail. And I have not seen another of their infomercials since then.

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Callous Clear is a scam!
It's a scam clearly! I just seen a commercial right now 2:30 am. And that person that said they tried it for the first time and received it in 10 days is a lie and scam. Of course there going to get one of there people to write 1 (fake) good review about it to keep people coming. That is a scaaammmmm!!! C'mon on no one received the product! Hellooooooo!
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Callous Clear scam
Ordered my Callousclear over 4 months ago and still got nothing. SCAM!!


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