Is the person "Anonymous" just one person or many?

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Is the person "Anonymous" just one person or many?

I guess this really is a question for Hubby, but I think that someone asked a different or even the same question about this "Anonymous" person somewhere else. I saw that they had asked a question in a thread, and it says that they have around 1500 posts. What I'm wondering is this, is that a profile that random people can use to post threads, or is this really someone's profile? Because after 1500 posts, I would assume that this person would know the answer to the question that they're posting about why they should pay to be a part of the private areas of GuG.



Re: Is the person "Anonymous" just one person or many?

 "Anonymous" is many people.

From time to time we allow anonymous posting (we did this earlier tonight). When any anon person makes a post you see the total for all anonymous posts.

Also, when an account gets removed from our system, all posts made by that person revert to 'anonymous' ..

It's on my list to prevent the post-totals from showing for anonymous posts.. 


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