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What's up guys. Somehow I stumbled across this forum. Anyway, I am one of the two owners/admins over at For about a year now, we have probably had the best tracker with the most features. Some of you may even have been members. You can check out a preview of how our interface looks here:

We have a ton of features. We are boasting 1,780 users at the moment, and our tracker is fully functional. The only catch is it only works for old users who have not edited their profile since the last MySpace code fix which subsequently made most MySpace trackers obsolete. As soon as we can find another new hole in the MySpace code, we will quickly code up a new script to allow for new, fully functional accounts again.

This is where you guys come in. I know that some of you say that TrackSpace is working, just horribly unreliable, etc, etc. If you guys could give me some info on their code, maybe we could hack it up and have it work with our interface. If *any* GrownUpGeek member helps us out with this (and is successful), we will hand out free subscriptions to *all* GrownUpGeek users (for an undetermined period of time).

If you would like to see iSpace Tracker make a return and re-open for new users, I am urging you guys to head over to our forum ( and post in the thread that is entitled 'Grown Up Geek users post here!' The specific thread can be found at:,1614

Post any relevant information about TrackSpace, or any other code you know about that may work and we'll get things going from there.

Remember! When you register for the forum, please use the tag [GUG] after your name so we know which of you are from here, so just incase you guys help with this, everyone will get a free X month subscription. So, take my name for example: eightysixed. I would register at as eightysixed[GUG].

If you would like a great tracker service to come back online, help out and everybody wins :) Can't wait to see you guys over there.


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