Ive been seriously HACKED!!!!

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Ive been seriously HACKED!!!!

An ex hacked an old phone of mine by rooting it without my knowledge and configuring literally EVERYTHING of mine to be controlled thru remote access. Deleting me as the user/owner of my accounts, controlling the web pages im "allowed" to open, taking over my Bluetooth, camera, u name it!!!

Well I met and fell in love with what i thought was a decent man since then (4 yrs later). And confided in him about the hell and the complete loss of privacy and freedom its been for me this entire time. Including police involvement and FBI involved etc. Identity theft and crimes under my identity being commited as well. And guess what this amazing love of my life did?? Yup u got it!!! Did the same damn thing to me and has even been and closely in contact with the other ex!!!! It gets better tho. They know each other before i met EITHER of them!!! I believe it was a set up somehow.
Anyway this one added a beautiful script he OTA or somehow put in my phone and took it over as well spying on my every move, text, call, everything!!! Fking psychos!!! FBI and police are taking forever to help.

So any advice how to snag these bastards and get them out of my life and accounts and phone and WiFi etc. For good? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!



Re: Ive been seriously HACKED!!!!

"Snagging" them should be left up to the police and FBI.. Af far as cleaning everything though, depending on how 'deep' everything is, you may be able to factory reset your phone and anything else that has been compromised, change All of your passwords and "password reset" info on everything and every account you have and enable 2-Factor Authentication on every account you have. You may also want to consider a more secure phone. I am going to guess that the phone that was hacked was probably not an iphone, and was probably not running the newest/most secure OS ..

To a novice, a simple hack can sometimes look very sophisticated, so it may not be nearly as bad as you perceive.. but if it is, then it may be worth hiring a professional to clean everything for you.

Re: Ive been seriously HACKED!!!!


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