What is Java?

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Ibiblio.org defines Java this way:
Java is a language developed by Sun Microsystems which allows World Wide Web pages to contain code that is executed on the browser. Because Java is based on a single "virtual machine" that all implementations of java emulate, it is possible for Java programs to run on any system which has a version of Java. It is also possible for the "virtual machine" emulator to make sure that Java programs downloaded through the web do not attempt to do unauthorized things.

Java explained

Java is a programming language. Because of the way java is designed, a programmer can write a single java program that will run on Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, UNIX, etc. Most other programming languages require separate programs written for each different type of computer. Using Java, web designers can write one program that will work on virtually any computer. Because the java framework does not allow 'bad' things to happen to your computer, internet users are more protected when going to unknown websites.

Why do I need java?

Without java you would not be able to view many advanced web pages that are programmed using java.

What does java look like?

You can view some examples of java web page programming here: free java games

Where do I get Java

Sun Microsystems offers java free of charge. You can download java for your web browser here: free java download.

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