Major Java Security Flaw Found

Picture of Java update with a sad java faceYesterday a pretty major security flaw was found in the current version of Java that your computer is likely running. Java always has issues and it seems like no matter how many fixes are applied more holes are always opened up, but this time it is apparently a bigger deal. Nobody has revealed exactly what the security flaw is, for obvious reasons, but a number of security agencies are recommending that users disable or uninstall Java for the time being.


Today even the Department of Homeland Security recommended that users uninstall Java to protect their systems, making everyone believe it really is a huge security risk. As always if you take the correct steps it is not too difficult to protect yourself but in this case uninstalling Java might just be the only safe option. Hopefully Java gets fixed in the next few weeks to fix this and other security issues.






I think it would be helpful if someone who knows the steps for disabling Java in Windows shared them.

But.. OS X has already disabled Java for me and all of the other OS X users (assuming that we don't use it, since nobody does), so we don't have to worry. The joys of Windows!

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