Jazz for Beginners

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Jazz for Beginners
Hi =) I've been a jazzhead for years, and it is common that people come to me and ask "Hey, I want to listen to jazz music but I'm not sure how to start." If you are one of them here is my list of jazz for beginners. The best way to start listening jazz is through vocal jazz. The reason is, vocal jazz is easy to listen as it has lyrics. Most cult jazz pieces does not have lyrics so it might be boring for you no matter how cool the song is. Fly me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra or Julie London) Can’t Get My Eyes Off You (any cover but not Muse) Baby Won’t You Please Come Home (Louis Prima) Moon River (Andy Williams or Frank Sinatra) Unforgettable (Nat King Cole) I Say a Little Prayer For You (Aretha Franklin) Respect (Aretha Franklin) Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone (Bill Withers or Marvin Gaye) Ain’t No Mountains High Enough (Diana Ross) I Want to be Evil (Eartha Kitt) Heatwave (Phil Collins had a recent and cool cover but if you are more of a classics person than I suggest The Supremes) My Way (Frank Sinatra) Hope you enjoy it =)



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Re: Jazz for Beginners

Thanks for the starter list. I cant personally get into jazz, but I have some friends who have been listening to it a bit here and there so I'll pass this along and see what they think.

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