Just a quick hello

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Just a quick hello

I'm useless at newbie intros.

So I'll just say a quick 'hi' and 'goodbye'.

I'm here because I'm a computer illiterate and need the wisdom of others. :)


Almost Evil
Re: Just a quick hello

 Welcome aboard! Take a look around- I think you'll like what you see! In addition to our computer forums, we also have forums you can easily participate in, such as cooking, TV, movies, music- and more!


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Re: Just a quick hello

even contests! dont forget the contests!! and treats. yummy yummy treats!



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Re: Just a quick hello

ah yes! one of my favorite shows 'reality bites!'

great user ID you have there reality_bites. as my fellow GuG'ees mentioned, there is a myriad of things to read and learn here. this 'How To' page may get you started.

so spread your wings & fly! off you go now......read read read.



Re: Just a quick hello

Welcome!  Cool avi!!!


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