Kick Ass - The Movie kicks ASS!

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Kick Ass - The Movie kicks ASS!

I can't read your mind. But I can kick your ass.

I know the movie Kick Ass has been out for a while but I finally got around to watching it on V.O.D. I was expecting some sort of superman-like comic-book kiddy-movie, but whooaa boy! This movie was great! Full of PLENTY of near-over-the-top violence in a way that only Quintin Tarantino himself could have done any better and fully earning it's "R" rating.

Good story, good acting and it even has Nicholas Cage.. But in the end, it's that little girl that was truly KICK ASS .. Loved it.. 8 out of 10 ..Absolutly worth the $3.99 ..



Re: Kick Ass - The Movie kicks ASS!

Too bad it didn't do well in the box office... same with Scott Pilgrim... all these great movies are geared towards the geeky audience that doesn't pay for them...

p to the izzle
Re: Kick Ass - The Movie kicks ASS!

 I catch a lot of grief for not having seen this yet. I really need to get on the ball and watch it/ read it. I hear it's pretty kick ass. 

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