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Killer Whale's

I like the nature channels and when ever there is an episode involving killer whales, I've got to tune in.  At  first, I gotta admit, it was to see the brutal seal hunting.  But as I watched more shows and started reading up a little, I just became more interested.  First off they're really brilliant.  They have language and even dialects that vary from pack to pack.  Outsiders get hazed.  They're really social, even taking turns watching the young.  they teach their young hunting techniques on seals, then return the seal unharmed back to shore.  They travel to different spots for different prey.  They will prey on other whales, however, only eating the softer lower jaw and tongue.  This was horrific to most, but it is nature and there is always art in war.  but this one episode showed killer whales attacking a blue/grey(?) whale and its calf.  Well their method of attack was impressive.  They forced the whales into shallow water then kept them near the surface all the while putting out a cattle call to all the killer whale pods in the area.  Then they went at the mother and her calf like a NFL football team.  With like 1st, 2nd, 3rd string teams to substitute in for fresh attacks.  There is nothing in the ocean that preys on a killer whale.  But a killer whale will eat anything including but not limited to any other whale and any shark.  Great whites included.  There aren't any documented deaths on man in the wild, only domesticated Orcas, like at SeaWorld.

I think the most incredible killer whale story I've heard is how they got the name 'wolf pack.'  Back in the whaling days there was a pack of killer whales off Washington that actually taught themselves how to assist the Whailers.  They'd herd the whales for the sailors and even bite down on the harpoon rope to slow down and tire the wright whales being hunted.  They named the orcas 'the wolf pack.'  Later when the alpha died, it washed ashore.  Upon inspection grooves were found rounding out the whales molar teeth.  To savor this, its skeleton has been on display at a local museum ever since.  Myself, I'm really in awe of these mammals.

With out question the killer whale is the alpha of the sea.



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I totally agree, killer whales are definatly the alpha creature of the sea. They are amazing animals and so clever.

the way they hunt is so precise, just like teamwork :)


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Re: Killer Whale's

I saw a great show on killer whales last night on the Discovery channel.  They scare the hell outta me.  While channel surfing after that I saw Jaws, on TBS I think it was. Part I & II. Than I wake up, having my morning coffee and a thread about... Killer whales. Talk about irony. 

Re: Killer Whale's

excellent excellent thread Vash! i had mini me read it and she was fascinated. that was her "learn something new today" item. thank you!

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Re: Killer Whale's

thanks guys. glad it was well received.  i kinda rambled on a bit, sorry if it was too wordy. please post any info, stories, or pics.  its a hobby of mine to learn about killer whales.

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