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kinkos IP
I need some help. I received a harassing email from someone. I have the IP but they are using a a kinkos computer. I did research and all kinkos computers seem to be assigned the same 2 ips. If you are posting in LA you pretty much have the same IP as someone in Pittsburgh. If i get authorities involved will they even be able to determine what state this is coming from? How is it all computers have the same IP? I


Re: kinkos IP

All of the Kinkos locations are probably connected to their own private network and route their internet traffic thru a shared proxy connection - this is why they all show the same IP address.

If you contact the authorities they would likely (if they decide it worth the effort) contact Kinkos directly. Only the Kinkos IT/Network man would be able to determine where the actual location of the computer (the authorities have no 'tool' that can map Kinkos internal network). More than likely Kinkos would decline to hand-over that information (as most companies would, to protect the privacy of their employees/customers) and the authorities would have to seek a court-order.

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