LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?

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LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?
HP Pavilion Laptop, I have Window's Vista.

My Computer keeps acting up, I go online and 5 minutes later it kicks me offline and Disables me. Now My switch is one (it's blue)

My uncle tried to fix it because it kept going to Orange and it wouldn't allow me to be online.

He went to "Recoverly Manger" and downloaded the LAN...from it's former state.

Now I come back from his house and I go online, it lets me on my sites then 5 minutes later it kicked me off

"Foxfire is offline, would you like to put this page on Offline mode" etc

So I go to:

- Device Manger

- Network Adapters

I see three things (one keeps disappearing)

- Broadcom802.11b/g.Wlan (keeps disappearing)
-Microsoft ISATAP Adapter ( it has a "!" sign on it)
-NVDIA Nforce 10/100 mbps.ethernet

I have no idea what's wrong...can someone please help me?


Someone told me "Your problem may be due to a timer on your router setup. You can go into the router's program and fix it to where it hasn't got a timer on it"
But where can I find this "timer" how to do it...she didn't explain much other then that so now I'm highly confused!

my father's internet connect is saved on my laptop and always has...

so i'm still stuck without a paddle!

Can you tell me step by step how to do it?

One more says that the drivers are I dont think it's the drivers!





Re: LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?

So can anyone help me? I posted this question on yahoo answers and still no reply! -begs- i need my laptop to work again! please can someone explain what i can do to fix it.

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Re: LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?

I dont understand how you are even connecting. Is it wireless, ethernet, direct to dsl, etc? If its wireless, what router are you using?

Sorry just read the title of the post and i see its a wireless LAN. If thats the case and youre really conencted to a LAN then youd need to contact your network administrator.

Re: LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?

I am using my father's computer and his AT&T Router...I was able to connect to it before all the time...then when I went back to chicago, no matter where I was at...neither Dunking Donuts, A friend's house or back to my father's would not let me connect and it keeps saying "Disable"

Like last night I decided to mess with it again...I turned it on and it said that my internet was enable.  So I got on yahoo messanger and talked for 10 mins (which was a new record since my laptop always wants to disble right away) .. I connected to someone else's worked....then out of the blue it disabled my internet connection while i was chating.  I'm writing this from my father's desktop which of course...his internet does work.

As for my laptop...I've tried reenabling it, I've tried reinstalling the driver...

I dont know...The problem is...out where I live we live in the cornfields (i moved back to my father's from chicago) and there is no computer places to take my laptop. it's not on this is why I'm trying so hard to look for the answer.

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Re: LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?

Do you connect to the router directly or you connect to yoru fathers computer and then his computer conencts to the router?

Re: LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?

Okay well my father has a 2WIRE AT&T.... so useally I connect by looking for wireless signal...I'll be in my room without connecting to any dial....I just search for my dad's wireless...and i'm on.

However even that isn't showing because my laptop says 'disable'

so when I go to "connect to" it doesn't show ANY wireless connects.

hmmm perhaps i should take some pictures maybe this will help you understand it better because I don't think I'm explaining this well.

(10 mins later)


Okay now i think I figured out what MIGHT be the problem but I'm still not sure...I need a second opinion.

I lasted online for a few mins before getting 'disabled'


here is from start (when i was able to go online...and when it went all wrong lol)













Re: LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?

Okay I can't show you the screen shots I took on this forum for some reason...

so if you can...just go here:

if you can't see it then go to and look for my display name (same as the one here)





Re: LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?

OKAY SO TODAY.. I started up my computer...i went online.  I was online for two and a half hours.... Then it disabled again!!!!  I'm about to neither cry or scream....


Re: LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?

i dont know if this helps but i have had to remove my network connections and rescan/search for wireless networks before because of mixed signals or something techy that i dont understand.

Re: LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?

I've been trying so hard to solve my own problem, it seems like nothing I'm doing is even working. So here is what I've done...I'm out of Ideas...

Reinstalled HP Internet Wireless Driver - Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver for Microsoft Windows Vista -

Updated/Reinstall BIOS -

Recovery Manger - I tried to go back to my old computer's drivers

Went to: Control Panel/Network connections - Select Wireless Network connect: Broadcom and under it it says Disable. I clicked on Enable and yet it does nothing at all. It takes me to the "Are you sure you want to-" and then I click yes...then it doesn't do anything.

I've asked here, on yahoo answers....and I'm not getting anywhere. I've tried what some of you has told me to do...I'm confused and I want to cry. There are no computer places out bestbuy or anything like that.

here is a picture. <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


if you can't see the picture then:

 -rubs eyes- I have no clue what else to do. I know it can't be the internet company because we have people around us that has internet and my computer isn't even reading their wireless connection.  Three days ago I was able to be online for 2 hours...I was so happy that I "fixed" it, but then it did this whole thing again and hasn't let me online since. then I think maybe it's because when I go to the give you a list of laptop models...maybe I'm putting on the wrong one? I have a  HP Pavilion dv9000 however it doesn't say CTO...OR anything... I always select CTO....because there is no other numbers or anything after it says the model name...I do not know. out of ideas.

Re: LAN wireless Laptop keeps disabling?

there is the possibility that it's just plain broke. At some point, it may be time for professional help.


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