Laptop Battery Stuck and Not Charging

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Laptop Battery Stuck and Not Charging

So I got a new laptop earlier this month, and just noticed today (I'm not sure if this has been the case since I bought it) that my laptop battery says '95% available (plugged in, not charging)'

And it's been stuck there... not going up or down...

Now I googled this, and got a bunch of similar topics but mostly for Apple laptops, and for them a bunch of people said it's normal and it's so that it doesn't *over*-charge...

I was curious as to whether this could be the case with other laptops (mine specifically, since I don't really care about someone else's battery troubles)...

I've read something about recalibrating the battery and doing some stuff with drivers or something, but if this isn't an actual problem, I'm not going to fix what isn't broken.


I have an ASUS G73JH laptop running Windows 7 if any of that matters...

I've also made sure all plugs are plugged tightly into the right places (and did the unplug-replug thing)... even took out the battery and let it sit for a while and put it back in... restarts, etc... and since it's not draining, I'm not freaking out or anything...

I've just never had this happen with any other laptop in my experience.



Re: Laptop Battery Stuck and Not Charging

yah, you dont want it to 'over' charge, but it should stop at 100%, not 95.. duh.. have you unplugged it, and let the battery drain down to 'dead', then recharged it? that's how we calibrate our Macbooks. This tells the little evil battery-computer when it's fully dead so it can then properly recalculate and recaliboritize itself.

Re: Laptop Battery Stuck and Not Charging

No... I don't even like unplugging my computer to move it...

But I suppose I can try it... shouldn't take long to kill it... not sure how long to recharge... will report back.

Re: Laptop Battery Stuck and Not Charging

That seems to have done it!

I was all the way back up to 94% last night around 9 PM when I went to bed, woke up this morning and it's at 100% saying fully charged.

The biggest pain in the butt was trying to kill it... it just didn't want to die... wanted to keep turning off to 'save' battery... which makes no sense... what good is 10% battery if I can't use the computer?

Finally got it down to 1% before it completely decided to ignore my power-consuming-demands.

so... yeah... thanks :)

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Re: Laptop Battery Stuck and Not Charging
Wanted to add that it's not good to habitually discharge Li-ion cells down to nothing (repeated discharges to near-zero can ruin them) but in a case like the one in this post to occasionally fix a charging glitch it's OK. If it must be done, go into the BIOS interface and let it discharge from there.  This is preferable and it does two things:
  1. It lets the battery discharge adequately without Windows shutting the computer down prematurely
  2. When your battery has finally run out of juice enough for the machine to shut down, you don't have to worry that the rug has been pulled and Windows hasn't closed properly (Windows isn't running if the BIOS is up)..

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