Do you like Miley Cyrus?

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Re: Do you like Miley Cyrus?
TMZ had a video of her sucking on a bong.  Her explanation was that she was smoking salvia.  I'm like... ok you dummy - I think I could've thought of a better lie than to say I was smoking spit.  Then I realized the word wasn't saliva.  I've been out of the drug scene for a while and I've been in a "health supplement store" maybe 3 times in my whole life so I admit that I had no idea what salvia was. Eh... whatever.  Just hope she doesn't ever start with the meth and coke.  Would be a shame. Funniest part of this was that supposedly Steven Tyler offered her some help if she asked.  Wouldn't be a scream if Miley mentors AI again this time with Tyler as a judge?  Talk about an elephant in the room.
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Re: Do you like Miley Cyrus?

I saw the bong video earlier today. Regardless of what she was smoking, when youre in the public eye, you should really think before you hit the bong...


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