Liz Taylor dead !?

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Liz Taylor dead !?

Internet rumors claim Liz Taylor is dead, so it must be true.. Right?

If you are an (old) movie buff, you know who Liz Taylor is. If you are a youngin you probably only know Liz Taylor as "that old lady that Michael Jackson liked to hang out with".. Either way, unless you've been under a rock for the last few weeks, you are probably aware that Liz Taylor has been in the hospital with congestive heart failure for the last few days. Liz hasn't been doing well the few years and seems to have gone downhill fast in the last year alone.. Not that big of a surprise for someone of Liz's age, nearly 79.

So just for the record, as of today Liz Taylor is NOT dead (despite what at least one Internet rumor claimed this morning). However, sadly it seems clear that old- Liz is counting down her last days and I predict that she'll be gone soon..



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Is Liz Taylor dead !?
I saw on Twitter that Liz Taylor died but I am glad 2 hear it ain't 4real. But I kno she well be dead soon. Too bad.

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