Log In to Facebook On Your TV?

I was watching NFL football on this Sunday afternoon and a CenturyLink Prism cable package commercial caught my eye and ears. I try to tune out the commercials but when the word Facebook is on a commercial it always catches my attention. During this particular commercial a mid 30s mother was excited to announce that she could log in to Facebook on her TV. This is the perfect demographic that would care about that. I have a sister that is in her early 40s and she would be so excited to have the chance to log in to Facebook on her TV without having to get her iPad or MacBook computer out. I think anyone under the age of 30 would just roll their eyes at the ability to log on to Facebook on a TV. Why would anyone want to do this? We all know they are just going to track everything we watch and then through up video ads or some type of ads on Facebook the next time we log in. I think the soccer mom has given up on caring about the ads because they think it is the only way they can show pictures of their children and someone will actually care. Well, in all reality, that is probably the truth. On any other social network no one wants to see the pictures of little Johnny learning to tie his shoes at age 9. We have better things to do with our lives like raise our own children or create our own happiness that is not vicariously built through others. I digress..

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Facebook has fought tooth and nail to get more information out of its users. The only true way for Facebook to make a significant amount of money is to display meaningful ads that get clicked. Anyone that has been on social media in the past several years knows that Facebook ads were terrible when they first rolled out. There was no correlation between you and the Facebook ads. Some single teenagers were getting ads for senior dating. I do not mean seniors in high school dating either. This made the experience very bad. In fact, some users were so fed up with the advertising experience they decided to use Facebook a lot less. Very few people have deleted their Facebook altogether but the metrics have shown that people are using the platform a lot less. This is definitely true when it comes to the desktop version of Facebook. Now that ads are rolling out on mobile it will be interesting to see if that usage starts to drop as well. In the recent past users were able to avoid some of the Facebook ads by using the mobile app on the iPhone and Android. Facebook figured this out quickly and rolled out ads in the stream. The amount of money Facebook makes is significantly higher today but that could come at the cost of losing users. Facebook has made it a point that money is more important than users at this point. It reminds me a lot of ESPN. ESPN knows that sports fans much watch their network so they are unwilling to make any changes that might make the experience better. It is us or no one is their mantra. In the end, I feel as if this is going to come back to haunt both ESPN and Facebook, but we will see.

If Facebook users want to truly change their experience on the social network they should stay logged in and log in on their TV. This will cause no drama at all. Please sense and read my sarcasm. Let's tell a fun story here. Jesse is married to Jennifer. They have been married for 22 years and they have had a very good marriage. That said, Jesse still enjoys watching movies late at night on Friday and Saturday night. Jennifer knows this to be true but is not all that bothered. They have two children that are 11 and 14. The children are very well behaved and know how to act in public. Some would say they are some of the most well behaved children in their school. Jesse and Jennifer have allowed the young ones to use Facebook and social media but they encourage them to get outside and play sports much as they did when they were younger. Jesse happens to watch a few "interesting" movies on Friday night on the movie channels and does not think twice about it. What he does not realize is that Jennifer was logged in to her Facebook account on the TV. On Tuesday of next week the family sits down to watch American Idol. Jennifer mentions that she wants to share this with her Facebook friends. She logs in to her Facebook on the TV with both children watching. The ad that pops up is something no person under the age of 18 should ever see. It is not a terrible ad, as Facebook does not allow this, but it is an ad for something that Dad may have to explain. The youngest asks, "Hey mom, who is Ashley Madison and why is she dressed like that?" Both mom and dad look at each other and they know they have a lot of explaining to do.

This is just one of many possibilities when it comes to logging in to Facebook on a television. I know there are many out there that will roll their eyes and say this would never happen. My answer to that is, "yeah, right!" Facebook has caused more drama for families and relationships in this country than politics and religion combined. If you don't think it happens just ask two of your friends and you will hear all kinds of stories about Facebook breakups and people cheating because they saw an old fling update their picture. Ahhh, the stupidity of some people.




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