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I paid for a lifetime membership, and I don't see that anymore, where do I sign in at? Thanks. nickyzeke



Re: login

All membership options have been moved to open areas and sign-ins are no longer necessary.

Kelli Thornberry
Re: login

Yeah... I was given a free lifetime membership as well for posting a MySpace URL Manipulation that allowed people to view private profile information without befriending, obviously.
Just curious, if GUG someday in the future changes the open-area platform and decides they would like users once more, will those of us who either bought or earned a free lifetime account be able to log into GUG with our old information, like username and password. Also will our trophies/ribbons be shown as they were?

I love this idea of an all-free GUG. However, I miss the status quo, profiles, chat, user to user private messages, and especially the teamwork.

There must be many little quirks across all these new networks. I LOVED the old MySpace trick in which every user who was logged in and viewed your main page was INSTANTLY signed up or subscribed to your video channel. If a user were to repeatedly visit, their profile would unsubscribe and resubscribe so that you could see how often the user or users of concern accessed your page.

Ahhh, the golden years. :)

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