Long time Windower now a Linux Junkie

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Long time Windower now a Linux Junkie

And It's all because my Hard drive crashed after 2 years of use

More specifically because the technician couldn't save my Windows XP from the Recovery partion (stupidest Idea I never liked) and I had no recovery disks (Bought computer on Ebay for $129  3 years ago)  the best the PC technition could offer was Windows 2000 cause that was the COA on the side of the Computer and it wasn't being accepted by his Windows XP program

It ran my neverwinter nights fine but websites was constantly complaining about IF 5 "not being secured" or incompatible and my Dual Laywer DVD writer wouldn't work as it had a XP minimum drver so I couldn't even try to install Windows 7 Upgrade which I had done just moments before the Hard Drive died (just coincidence folks,just coinsidence)

So I called windows and they told me that I couldn't  upgrade from Windows 2000 to Windows 7 and I needed the full version (go trade it at where you got it)

I told them I couldn't take the Upgrade in to exchange at office Max cause I opened the package

This is when they told me that they will trade it out for a $55 fee plus shipping

I was like, yeah but my DVD drive won't even work in windows 2000 so hoiw am I going to install it? Is it possible for you to send me a xp upgrade and then i can use the Windows 7 upgrade from there

That is when they told me it will cost $55 plus shipping and handling for Windows XP Upgrade

Thjis is when I asked why do I have to pay more money to get a upgrade my  computer already have I have the XP COA  I just need the rright peplacement

this is when they said that I needed a recipt proving I vbouught the COA

And I was like "I have the recipt proving I bought the COmputer with XP upgrade installed"

And they were like "No, we would need proof you paid for the COA"

At that point I said, "Nevermind I;ll just install Ubantu...thank you"

Since then I have been running on Ubantu 10.10 and with a little "learning Curve" I am able to do almost everything I used to do on my Windows base system

Most recently I learned to record music off youtube

Only thing that seems to be impossible to do Is get my Neerwinter Nights to Run \with or without WINE, with or without PLayonLinux and with or without  the Linux resource packages (I have the original 1.29) and it's still beyond my skill to stop the "black screen" and crash so I have just shelved it for now...but other then that I love Linux


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Re: Long time Windower now a Linux Junkie

 Linux is freaking amazing. I run Mint both the Ubuntu based version and the new debian based version. I also run 7, XP and now Snow Leopard. I really like that Linux offers a modern secure OS for free/ donations. Not that I would ever sway anyone away from Linux but if you really want 7 try to find a friend in college and have them get it through their college store. I was going to go that route but got Gateway to give me a free upgrade from Vista to 7.  

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