Internet Help: How do I find my IP address?

Can I look up what my Internet Address (IP) is?

You can see what your Internet Address is in Microsoft Windows XP by following these steps:

Looking up your IP address METHOD ONE

  • From the Control Panel go to Network and Internet Connections
  • In the Internet Connections window, double-click on Network Connections
  • In the Network Connections window, find your network connection. Usually this will be labeled as Local Area Connection for a wired connection, or if you are connecting with a wireless connection, it will be labeled Wireless Network Connection
  • Right-Click on your network connection and select Status from the menu that appears
  • On the Network Connection Status window, click the Support tab

Your IP address will be listed, as well as the Subnet Mask and default gateway

Looking up your IP address METHOD TWO

  • Press START, then select RUN
  • In the RUN box, type in CMD and press enter, or click OK
  • In the "DOS BOX" that appears, type in: IPCONFIG and press Enter

Your IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway information will be displayed. To close the DOS box, type EXIT, and press enter. Note: If your PC connects to the internet thru a router or firewall, your internet address may not actually be a true internet address. Most routers and firewalls protect your computer from hackers by assigning a different address to your computer that what appears on the internet. This also allows you to connect multiple computers to the internet via a single internet connection. If you connect to the internet thru a router or firewall and need to find your actual internet address, go to is a free service that will display your true internet address.




What is IP address?

Internet Protocal Address - IP address is a digital ID for computer, router, mobile, printer etc. without IP address all these devices cannot communicate with is other and in to the World Wide Web. The two version of IP address are - IPv4 which is the most widely used and the new - IPv6 is the latest technology of IP addressing, the main purpose of IPv6 is to address the problem of continues growth of technology and demand for more IP Address.

How to know Internal IP address quickly for mobile/tablet/desktop? it supports only firefox and google chrome --->

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