L.O.V.E. ....... Let's hear your stories!

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L.O.V.E. ....... Let's hear your stories!

Valentine's Day is coming up and i was daydreaming of *someday*....

How did you and your love of your life meet? 

Have any of you tried Match.com/eHarmony sites? What was your experience?

I'm a busy young person, and i have tried match.com.  it has stunk.  repeatedly bad blind dates.  i pretty much have given up.  haven't dated in ..ohh...3 years?  haven't had A date in.....hmm...over a year. *chewing ice* LoL, JK.  i'm happy.  just starting to wonder if i'll ever meet my ideal guy....and where?

So let's hear your stories!! Give me some inspiration! <3 <3





Re: L.O.V.E. ....... Let's hear your stories!

Awwww sunshine, I hear ya! I too am in the same boat as you.   I have tried the online dating and have met a couple of nice/cute/interesting guys, not the "one" but interesting nonetheless.  It can be difficult and can also be discouraging, but equally discouraging is going to the usual places and seeing whats out there too. I think chatting to someone online for a while is key, at least its worked for me, I find that you can tell a lot about someone by communicating via the internet.  I talked to one guy for 11 months before we met in person (different states) and when we finally did, I felt like I really knew him and we had so much fun together, and we still are in touch today.  In the meantime, enjoy being by yourself, I do, because there are many advantages to it. But the main thing is to hang in there, he's out there somewhere you just have to believe that.


Re: L.O.V.E. ....... Let's hear your stories!

I dated my Hubby's brother for a few months.  LOL  It was nothing serious, but that's how I met him. After the brother and I broke up, my hubby and I remained friends, and half a year later, we started going out (as friends) and it developed fromn there. Now, I'm not recommending you go out, date men and ask about their brothers!!  That's just the way we were put into each others paths, I  believe.  It just.. happened, and unfortunately, I don't think you can really plan that kind of stuff.  Just be positive and open minded. 




Re: L.O.V.E. ....... Let's hear your stories!

I met my husband at work, but my sister and several of my girlfriends met their now husbands on Eharmony.com. Seeing my sister’s experience I can only say, that just as in real life you are going to meet a lot more frogs than princes, but if you give it time (she was on for 18 months before she met her husband) you might meet someone worth giving a chance.

LBL, that is a great story! Do you get a long with his family?

Re: L.O.V.E. ....... Let's hear your stories!

Well - I've always been in favour of meeting people on line - either for friendship or partnership. Its not that different from meeting people elsewhere, except that the pool is much much bigger. The rules are just the same - obvious ones that we've all read and understand from elsewhere. I met my wife on an online site - now defunct i think - but it worked well as a means of introduction to someone I might have met anyway if time had permitted. We talked first on line and explored a friendship - without ever seeing photographs of each other. After a while when we felt comfortable, we agreed to meet for lunch.. we did lunch for 18 months before we moved up a gear and met for dinner. We became friends first and foremost and then lovers. Now nearly ten years on , its the best relationship i've ever had - and believe me i'd had a lot including 3 previous marriages. (and yes we are married....)

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