Anyone else think mainstream music (especially rock) is a travesty to music?

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Re: Anyone else think mainstream music (especially rock) is a tr

...a few islands in the sea of mainstream garbage that is todays music...
...the flaming lips...
...they might be giants...
...jenny lewis [with or without the watson twins]...
...and ill throw john lennon in here just for the hell of it...

Re: Anyone else think mainstream music (especially rock) is a tr

there are some that are good, mostly the innovators, the ones that start a trend or a sound that soon spirals into mediocrity. But they mostly get seen as copycat bands by younger people(I'm only 21 by the way) or people that really didn't know what was going on in the music world at the time.

A lot of these innovative mainstream artists and bands get drug down because people group them with what came later. I hate to bring up U2, mostly because I don't want to sound like I'm a blind fan, but they are probably the band that has been the most copied since the Beatles when it comes to mainstream music. but unlike the Beatles people act like the musical ideas that they put forth already existed, most people think the joshua tree came out in the nineties, because the music didn't sound like anything else from the nineties. In fact they where copied so much that they desperately tried to stay ahead of the curve, which ended in disaster with the release of Zooropa and Pop. they're last two albums actually weren't bad.

which leads to Nirvana, the band which lead to grunge and now to the two most overused and untalented genres today post grunge and EMO. I'm not a Nirvana fan, but its hard not to recognize how much they shaped music as a whole. They made it ok to sing about anxed that involved other things then breakups and they made it so you didn't have to look or act a certain way to be popular musicians. These things got thrown out the window of course as time went on and songs about depression now involved you're girlfriend leaving you, the same dirty distorted guitar riffs where played over and over and the counter culture ascetic became Hip.

mainstream isn't the problem, its the kids with no new ideas or even a basic understanding of melody and when to much pop hiphop synthing is to much(main reason they ruin cover songs), Or why two guitars and a bass shouldn't play the exact same thing through neck pickups and the gain maxed out. The other thing that really destroys mainstream music is the focus on having citche(not catchy) chorus and a complete disregard for the verse which I think is the most important part of the song because it tells the story of the song, the chorus is like a punchline and like any punchline it doesn't make sense without a lead in. But most of all its the producers that get demos all the time from talented young artists and cast them aside because their not the next Britteny or my chemical romance, the only time they sign talent is when they see an ocean of people outside a coffee shop or they find a band of Irish kids that have been sweeping talent shows effortlessly.

Chris Johnson
Re: Anyone else think mainstream music (especially rock) is a tr

U2 were simply copying The Clash, Nirvana was copying the NY punk scene (I lived in NYC and Seattle early 1980's so I was there to witness it) To their credit, Kurt was a superb song writer and they are great musicians. U2 wrote one great song and coasted with phlegm for years afterward.
Myspace has been a God send to music, I never would have listened to Hank 3 or really good bands like Ludicra or Holly Ramos or Lisa Knapp without myspace.

I agree with folks saying mainstream really stinks, I have been a fan and musician for forty years and can remember when no one knew who Tom Waits was or what kind of music the Dead played I hung out with the Ramones and got backstage at The Clash shows.

A long time ago I liked NWA, Public Enemy, Geto Boys and Sugar Hill Gang (I lived on Sugar Hill in Harlem in the late seventies) but new hip hop is soul destroying garbage.

Re: Anyone else think mainstream music (especially rock) is a tr

so what song was that then? 

Being influenced is not copying, as a musician you should know that. If you hadn't copied someone, then you would have never became a musician to begin with, would you. Unless you where some kind of prodigy, even prodigy's copy what they hear, then create their own material later on.  

U2 where very young when they took off so they copied what they knew or else they would have had no material. You can't hold them to what they where early on because no one starts out the greatest in the world, the definitive album is always late, just look at the Beatles.

Anyway no big deal if you don't like them, everybody has different taste, As I said I never liked nirvana, Don't hate them though, no point in hating something its just a waste of time. But They did bring the ideas of other people into the mainstream when no one from their scene would have had a chance. And I know that even if I never play a Nirvana song or even a riff,  that some how they did influence what I will play. On that note we should be glad that crappy music is around, because it will teach a small hand full of people what not to do.      




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