How to make money on the Internet

How To Make Money on the internet with a website: The Basics

First: Start with an idea

Your new website has to be about something - anything.  Virtually any subject you can think up has millions of potential 'visitors' that would be interested in seeing your website.  Some of the most simple ideas have turned into very successful websites - for example: Tropical fish, auto repairs, photography or even pet grooming.  If your idea is unique, for example if you are an expert on repairing antique Fiats and you want to make a website about how to repair or restore them, you have a unique 'niche' which although there may be less potential visitors, you will probably get a larger percentage of those visitors because there will be fewer websites about antique Fiat repair to compete with.

The point is - choose a subject that you know, that you are passionate about and enjoy, and jump in!  What do you have to loose?  Sure you might have to make very small investment (probably less than $100) to get started with a web-server host, but if you think of your new website as just a new hobby or a new learning experience you're probably getting-off pretty cheap!  How much did that new bicycle cost, or that new computer?  Far less then the $100 (or less) to create your new website I'll bet!  

Choosing an Internet Website "host":

Inexpensive 'shared' website hosting services

A 'shared' web hosting company provides web servers and an internet connection shared by more than one customer. They provide full functionality and usually large amounts of storage for your website, yet are still only a few dollars per month. 'Shared' web hosts are usually the best choice for most non-commercial web sites because of the low cost.

Because of the balance of low-price and high reliability, this website began on a shared web host. Our first host, "PowWeb" is highly recommended as a low-priced ($3-$8 per month depending on the plan and promotion), easy way to start your own website.  PowWeb offers pre-made website templates, they are very easy to setup, and have very good customer support. 


Other low-cost Internet Website hosts:

There are many Internet website hosting providers to choose from that offer very good, lower-cost web-hosting company providing 1-click website setup, multiple email addresses 24/7 support as well, etc. 

Dedicated website hosts

A dedicated web-hosting company provides highly reliable and high speed internet web servers and dedicated internet connections. These industrial-strength services are extremely fast and reliable, but can also be very expensive.  Several compaines offer good priced dedicated web servers - meaning that you own or lease the entire web server 

Unless you plan to hit the bigtime right off the bat, I would recommend a 'shared' service because of the lower price. 

Self Internet Website Hosting

Hosting an internet web server of your own requires a high speed connection to the internet and expertise in firewall and security configuration, and can quickly become a full time job. Because of the level of expertise required and because most internet service providers (cable and DSL) prohibit the use of web servers on non-business internet connection accounts, trying to host your own web-server is not recommended.

Web page creation software

Some web hosts allow you to easily create web pages using sivery easy to use web-based editing tools, know as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. This type of page creation is no more complicated than using word-processing software and all you need is a web browser. The trade-off is that the type of pages you can create is somewhat limited. Most virtual web-hosting companies will also allow you to use web-page creation software of your own such as Microsoft Front Page, Dreamweaver, or other web site building programs. You will need to purchase and learn how to use your web-page editing software, but this will give you more control and capabilities in the long run. Most web-hosts also offer great pre-made and easy to setup website templates that make creating your website even easier.

Choosing a Domain Name

Once you know what your website will be about you will have to choose a Domain Name.  The domain name is the "dot" Com name that your website will have (for example:  The domain name you choose should be easy to remember, and should be relatable to your website in some way.  The domain name itself will cost you a few dollars, but the cost is usually included when you sign up with a web-hosting company.  Most hosting companies make it very easy to choose your domain name when you signup for your hosting service.   The entire process of choosing your domain name AND ordering your website hosting service will probably take you less than 10 minutes - it's really that easy.

The fun part: Make MONEY on the internet with your website!

The two common ways to make money with your website are selling products or selling advertising.  I will focus on selling advertising since it's easy, free, and ANY website can do it.

Google AdSense

Google's AdSense has revolutionized the way people make money on the Internet and is by far the easiest way to make money online. Now virtually any website can make money, with virtually no limits to what you can earn! Google Adsense automatically delivers "targeted" text ads to your website giving your readers what they are looking for. For example: If you have a website about how to make money on the Internet, Google Adsense will display advertisements about creating websites, making money on the internet, or web hosting solutions.

Google Adsense is FREE and easy to use!

Signing up for Google Adsense is absolutely free and takes only a few minutes. Simply fill out a form online to create your account and you're done. After your account is created, simply copy & paste your ad-code onto your website and start making money online! It is literally that easy.  Of course how well you do and how much money you make depends on many factors, mainly the amount of traffic & visitors that come to your website. A website that gets a #1 or #2 search result in Google or Yahoo can easily get many thousands of visitors per day, and earn thousands of dollars per month. 

After building your website make it easy to find

The key to making money with your website is traffic (people traffic, not automoblie traffic). The more people that come to your website (traffic), the more money you can make from advertisers. The key to getting people to your website is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your website into search engines (such as Yahoo and Google) and getting it listed at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). If you build a website about Widgets, you want to be sure that anyone searching on Yahoo or Google for "Widgets" sees your webpage at the number one position, and not some other webpage.

Basic Steps of SEO

  • Submit your website to DMOZ.ORG. DMOZ is the 'mother' of Internet Directores
  • Submit your website to the major search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN. All the major search engines allow you to submit your site so they can start adding your pages into their search index.
  • Solicit links from other websites to your website. When a site links to your site, it's like a 'vote' that your website has good content. Search engines take into account how many other sites link to your site when deciding what to list in the SERPs. Links from other sites also make it easier for search engines to find your website
  • Read and learn! There are entire books, websites and forums dedicated to making websites "search engine friendly". Two good sources are and the user communites at Google Plus.


Advertising For Your Website or Blog

Got your website all setup but want to bring even more visitors FAST? Then paid-advertising might be the best option.

Google AdWords

Google's Adwords service is by far the largest and most effective internet-based advertising system on the web today. Using Adwords, website publishers can display simple, easy to create text ads that are displayed on Google's search-page results and on websites in the Adsense publishing network. With Adwords your advertisement be in front of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of internet users in minutes. Advertising with Adwords is very easy and signing up is free, and most advertisers only pay when someone clicks on their advertisement. If you sell a product on your website, Adwords is an almost guaranteed way to bring targeted traffic (people looking for your product) in minutes. 


Add new content (pages & stuff) and lots of it, then wait

After creating your website and learning SEO, the next step is to wait (unless you opt for paid advertising). It can take anywhere from weeks to months for the search engines to begin listing your website. Use this time to add unique and interesting pages and information to your website and keep it growing.

Earning money with your website will take some time: Use the time to your advantage

As I stated above, it can take time before you start getting people (traffic) to your website. Use this time to learn more about making your site better, and make it better. Making money with a website is not a get-rich scheme, and it takes hard work, dedication and patience, but the payoff can be well worth it.  If you're not into building a website to generate money, it can be a fun, inexpensive and rewarding hobby.

Quick Summary:

  • Decide what your website will be about - the more unique, the better
  • Get an inexpensive "host" 
  • Build your website
  • Sign-up for adverting to generate income (optional)
  • Advertise or just "get the word out"
  • Have fun!


For more tips on how to make money online, see our Make Money On The Internet how-to articles.




If you sign up with a good webhost, you get Cpanel and Fantastico which have a lot of free easy to use stuff like Shopping carts and so on, before signing up with anyone search for the host in google and see what negative feedback comes up for them if any.

I have had my website ( up since last July... so that's about 6-7 months... but I haven't made that much money yet. Accumulatively, I've made about $75 so far with as little as $0.01 per day, and I definitely like to make more, but not annoy my customers with ads. Soooo I'm not sure if it takes Adsense a long time to start collecting revenue, or if different ads are better. What do you think?

How much money you make on the internet will really depend on how much internet traffic you get - so it's not that Adsense takes a while, it's more like it takes a while to get traffic.

and yes, there is a fine line between showing ads and being 'spammy' and having TOO many ads. I checked your site, and i think your ads look good - but you may try integrating them more with your content - you might also try some other advertising systems (see the page above for info and links) - just remember, to make money on the internet the key is TRAFFIC ..


"..Do you want to sell sugar-water for the rest of your life, or do you want to come with me and change the world?"

I have had an online business for a month and haven't made a dime back. Mainly because I don't Know where to start and got so overwhelmed with all the tech-talk that I couldn't figure anything out. Maybe there are some of you who are living off of your online business and could spare some of your time in helping me create my own. Please keep in mind that I am an automotive tech and know very little about designing a webpage or anyting of that nature. I already have over $1000.00 invested in this and would be willing to pay if I could get some money coming in off it. Please

Please help.

Hey Porstech;

You should check out the Digital Point Forums.  It is chock-full of information on how to build a website, how to generate traffic and how to monetize it.  Also lots of helpful members there that specialize in making money online.

of course if you have any specific questions you can post them here, or in our Open Forum.  Me and a few other members that have websites will do our best to answer.


hello everyone.I'am new to this.So please bare with you first get a website,or can you use your space blog to make money.Like the dining out thing & taking photograph's & then writting about it?And also how do you get in touch with the places you write about?I hope i'am making sence.Thank you so much.

.. You dont have to have a "website" - you can use a free blogging service like or even a Myspace blog. if you go that route, it's cheaper to get started (free), but if/when you outgrow it, it's more difficult to then start over with a 'real' website. also, some free services such as a myspace blog will not allow you to use advertising like Adsense.
as for getting in touch with the places you write about: in the beginning you would probably just have to write about them - no need to ask them first. once you get established it's just a matter of contacting who's in charge (the manager or owner) and explaining to them how it would be to their advantage to give you a free meal so you can then write a review in your website/blog.

dear hubby.THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH for your advise.It is a great help.I think i'll go with the real you said it'll be easier in the long run.THANK YOU AGAIN.

With blogs starting over isn't all that hard, because you can usually get all of you web site content from the RSS feed. A knowledgeable developer like myself can import a large blog into a custom website in just a few hours.

There is no shortcut for success and the same applies to earning money over internet too. If you are planning to run a website then you must understand and acknowledge the power of honesty. Ok enough of philosophy. What I am actually trying to point out is your website can't receive loyal visitors if the content on your website is irrelevant to the profile of your visitor. On the other hand, a good design also holds the key of success. For example, you can launch a website in a matter of seconds with open source told like the popular wordpress. But if you are aiming to monetize it then you should better spend a few dollars in purchasing premium wordpress themes to present yourself on the professional front.