A Man in Texas Owns The Internet

The whole internetA man from Texas officially filed a patent lawsuit this week claiming that anyone and everyone is infringing upon his patent that covers the internet. Michael Doyle is a biologist who hasn't really been famous for much of anything, but now he is definitely in the spotlight. According to his lawsuit, the internet is actually his to control given that he has the first patent covering the system.

Doyle actually claims that he is the owner of two patents that nearly the entire internet is infringing upon. The first of which covers "interactive websites" such as video and media display sites. Doyle does in fact own a patent that covers this, but the real question is about what all is covered by the patent. We won't know for a while who is going to win but we can say for sure that this is not going to bring the internet to its knees.

The other patent covers essentially the same things, but with a little more focus. Regardless of the patent coverage or what might happen, it is important to consider what Doyle and his associates are looking for. Rather than stopping companies Doyle simply wants to charge a royalty for using his patents. If this happens, he will become a very rich man thanks to sites like Google, Amazon, and Youtube.



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