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Meet Yuki!

So a week ago Gunner woke me up with a new baby... she was wet (he had just bathed her) and cold and shaking and she got under the blanket with me and cuddled up to my chest and went to sleep... She's a little purr machine... purrs louder than Boo... Speaking of Boo... that was an interesting experience... day one he was pissed.... not just at the new kitten, he growled and hissed at me too! Wouldn't let anyone near him. Day two, he was curious but still pissed. Day three, he was only annoyed and curious and tried to play with her a bit, she tried to play back, but they kept scaring eachother... day four, everything had calmed down... they played together... they still play together... he's still annoyed since he's a spoiled brat that doesn't want to share my attention with anyone (including Gunner)

She's not been shy at all other than being nervous around Boo at first.... plays like crazy... chases her own tail and attacks her own feet (as well as everyone elses)...

We call her Yuki (pronounced YOO-kee, not yucky)... Where'd the name come from? Same place mine did, the Animatrix :)

She as a W on her forehead... and will grow to be bigger than Boo (Boo is only a 5-6 lb cat)... and so far I know she doesn't like litter or Kate Nash.... she's a piggy when she eats (noise and amount of food) and a monkey... climbs up and on everything... even if it gets her nowhere (climbs up the dining chairs even though there's nowhere to go at the top)

Boo is jealous, but I expected him to try and kill the thing... has made no serious attempts to hurt her, so I'm impressed.

Now comes the cute part... pictures!:

(only good photograph I've gotten of her awake... she moves constantly and shows up in pictures as a motion blur... see the W on her head?)

Asleep... she passes out completely... you could pick her up by her ear and she wouldn't wake up (I've not done that so don't call PETA!)

And last but not least, another sleepy picture... Gunner put some folded pillow cases on a chair and she's decided that's her new bed... I almost named her Wednesday because of the W... and because I liked the Adams family when I was little...




Re: Meet Yuki!

she's truly showing that cute factor! lil' miss trinity also sleeps like that (center picture) ...just airing out her business & catching some much needed zzzzzz's.


Re: Meet Yuki!

Tis the season for new kittehs it seems. Super Uber CUTE!


~~I B CUTE! Don't argue with me I know I'm cute!~~

Re: Meet Yuki!

Awww!! Yuki is too cute!! Congrats Anime! She is soo adorable! Cant wait to see pics of her and Boo playing!


.Live. .Love. .Laugh.

Re: Meet Yuki! Bathtime

So... kitties don't like baths... but while Boo may murder me if I try to put him in a tub of water... Yuki is pretty calm as long as the water isn't running... running water causes her to freak out and cry and try her hardest to get away...

Last night I gave her a bath because she smelled like kitten-butt.... and since she sleeps on MY pillow (or my neck, or my face), I'd rather not have to smell her...

She of course wasn't thrilled to take a bath... but she didn't cry once and even started purring when I was petting her in the water...

But... ya know how kittens have giant heads compared to their bodies?? Well, it's even more obvious when their wet....... her ears look friggen huge too!

Bathtime pictures!


She was NOT happy... but she dealt... I wrapped her up in a towel that she went to sleep in... so she dried all weird and her fur looks tarded... but... it suits her goofiness...

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