Deleting MegaBackup

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Deleting MegaBackup

I have an icon for MegaBackup on my dock. I am trying to delete it, and I followed your steps. Click on the icon and drag it to the trash can. It refuses to stay in the trash can. Then I get a small warning box reading The item MegaBackup can't be moved to the Trash because it's open.
The only choice given is OK. If I click on that it goes away. The MegaBack up icon returns to the Applications page and remains undisturbed.


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Re: Deleting MegaBackup

If it's running, you can't delete it.
Check in the tray in the upper-right near the clock to see if it has an icon If it does, right-click/click to see if there is a menu item to exit the program.
If you can't find another icon, try to FORCE QUIT and see if it shows up in the list to force quit - then after force-quitting, try to delete it.

If neither of those work you can try booting into Safe Mode, then deleting it.. Turn off your Mac.. Turn it back on and press and hold the SHIFT button until after the Apple logo goes away.. It should then go into Safe Mode and allow you to delete it.

Re: Deleting MegaBackup

Thank you! Thank you! This was the best guide I've found to delete Megabackup. Best Regards.

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