Metallica Death Magnetic (Album review)

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Re: Metallica Death Magnetic (Album review)

I kinda rember it but I don't remember it. I do remember their cover of "Inna-Godda-Davita". And I remember the Tori Amos cover of "Raining Blood".

Re: Metallica Death Magnetic (Album review)

I have to say I like it as well, everything Rick Rubin touches turns to gold, so I'm not suprised it sounds better than the last pile of crap they put out. I dont dig the title or the album art but the music is good enough....I've only listened to it once strait through so I guess I'll form a better opinion once I'm more familiar with it. I like the riffs, good tone on the guitars and some speed chugging too. Song structure is a little different than the last albums maybe, and the songs are longer...back to all being over 5 minutes I think.

I'll listen to it some more this weekend, but my first impression is pretty good, I'm not sure how much of that is because I came is with low expectations. At least it doesnt sound like they recorded it on a 4 track like st anger.

It does remind me of Black, which the last 3 albums havent even come close to, and it seems that this will be the best thing they've put out since, not counting Garage Inc. of course.

Re: Metallica Death Magnetic (Album review)

Thats such an awesome story Vash!

I've always liked Dave Mustaine and Megadeth, he's always come off as a totally cool guy, and even though they never had the great songs Metallica did, he's still a killer guitarist who will go down as a metal legend.

Slayer is a band that I will always go and see when they play in NY. I think I might have seen them more times than any other band, at least 20 by now. Bands like Metallica and Megadeth have changed over the years but Slayer hasnt in my book. everything I like about them is always there, from their first album to the last I hope they're around forever.

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Thanks for sharing the album and review with us! I have been hearing bits and pieces on the radio but not the whole album. I have been a huge Metallica fan but St Anger just was horrible. This def channels back to their old stuff which is what made them metal gods. Glad to see they still got it. There are some killer solos in there too!

p to the izzle
Re: Metallica Death Magnetic (Album review)

The lyrics definetly aren't up to par but he is getting older and probably less angry. The music is what sold me. Jason Newsted was a big part of Metallica in terms of trying to keep them on the right path but they wanted to suck and he couldn't stop them. I miss him.

Slayer always has and always will rule. When my daughter told me I was going to hell for not believing in God  I told her that was ok that's where all the good music will be. (Instantly thinking of Slayer). I've been on an old Megadeth kick here lately. Peace sell! Countdown to Exctinction. Old Megadeth is awesome.

I bought Garage Inc only because I had Garage days re-re-visited on tape. I made my own version for my iPod using what I liked from the new cd. Green Hell. Am I evil. Blitzkrieg. (Iknow both from Kill Em All) The covers were so good back then.

I don't want to die without any scars. 

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Re: Metallica Death Magnetic (Album review)

no life till leather is a must for metallica fans.  has original line up and alternate lyrics to some songs off kill em all.

Re: Metallica Death Magnetic (Album review)

 That reminds me... what in Hades was up with the constant rhyming?


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