Microsoft ruins Family Guy Nov 8

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Microsoft ruins Family Guy Nov 8

The November 8, 2009 episode of Family Guy will be p3wnd by Microsoft to let everyone know how great Windows 7 is.. Microsoft & Seth Mcfarlane (Family Guy creator and many of the voices) says the Windows 7 references will "blend seamlessly".. Here's an clip from the episode:

**EDIT: Update - Maybe not! according to a story published by Reuters just a few hours ago, Microsoft has canceled their sponsorship of the episode. One thing i dont understand though is this quote from the article:

"..Fox plans to move forward with another integrated sponsor, though it's unclear how this will work since the network's live taping included Windows 7-related humor..."

HOW do you do a live-taping of a cartoon??



Re: Microsoft ruins Family Guy Nov 8

Pictionary style!

Almost Evil
Re: Microsoft ruins Family Guy Nov 8

huh thats just sorta dumb on all accounts. family guy has gotten pretty lame lately anyways. maybe it would have been an improvement- and thats not sayin much!

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