Microsoft Responds to Siri

Siri was and still is the hottest new feature of the new iPhone 4S. The simple voice based search is remarkably good for a wide variety of things, but now it seems Microsoft has decided to get in on the action a little bit. Microsoft executives came out this week to announce that, while Siri is cool, it is not a new technology. Windows Phone 7 has supported a system called “TellMe” which functions almost exactly like Siri but has been out for quite some time.

The real question now is, why didn’t Microsoft do a better job of marketing this system? Siri alone was enough to win over thousands of new iPhone users so we can only imagine that Microsoft could have done the same, assuming they had actually made it clear that they had such a feature. Microsoft’s “TellMe” system works just as well as Siri in most cases so it really is another example of poor marketing strategy from Microsoft.

To all of you out there that think Siri is the latest and greatest, it isn’t, Microsoft did in fact have the same technology first. This just goes to show how much marketing can make a difference, especially when Microsoft has none.





Another Siri comparison - this time to Vlingo:

 Yep, a little research shows that Siri definitely seems to work a good bit better than TellMe. It makes me wonder if Microsoft is going to find some way to sue Apple for this.. It wouldn't surprise me..

From what I have read on the interwebs, most/much, if not all of the tech world is laughing in Craig Mundie's face - the Microsoft Exec that stated "...It’s [Siri is] good marketing, but at least as the technological capability you could argue that Microsoft has had a similar capability in Windows Phones for more than a year, since Windows Phone 7 was introduced." .. Because in reality, the Microsoft TellMe technology works nowhere near as well as Siri.

To be fair, I have not compared Siri and TellMe - I havnt even used Siri! My 4S wont be here until next week. However after hearing Criag Mundie's comments last week about Tellme being as good as Siri, Tech magazine TechAU did a side by side comparison of Siri and Tell me .. Watch the video and you decide which works better:

Even this demo of Tellme shows that the 'canned' words and commands that Tellme is limited to using such as "open shopping list" are nowhere near the natural speech that Siri can recognize, such as "remind me to call my mom the day after tomorrow" or "Is it going to rain in San Diego tomorrow?":

Even if TellMe is as good or even better than Siri, the product is still a fail if Microsoft can't market or sell it.

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