Can't log in using Firefox

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Can't log in using Firefox

Why can't I log in to my Geek account when browsing with Firefox? I con only log on with IE. Does it have something to do with Adblock?


Can't log in? !

Hmm.. I log in with FireFox every day!
try turning off Adblock, and any other add-ins to see if that helps.
We dont have any pop-ups, but you will need Java enabled..

Trouble loggin-in with Firefox? here's the fix

in Firefox, clear your cache
then clear all cookies
exit firefox (be sure to exit all firefox windows, do not minimize them)
open firefox
go to the best site in the world,
RE enter your username and password.

you're in!
(i hope)

That was it!

Sorry if that was a dumb question, but thanks for the help!

ps I love this site!

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