How to change or hide IP address info

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How to change or hide IP address info

How do you change or hide your IP address information???


how to hide your IP address

what are you trying to hide it from? also, WHY are you trying to hide it? you can't complety hide it from EVERYONE/EVERYTHING.. anyway, someone knowing your IP mean much either - unless your PC is running an old, unpatched version of Windows.

a hardware router will hide your local PC ip from pretty much everything, but your 'internet facing' router IP address will still be visible..

Re: how to hide your IP address

I'd like more info on this IP hiding, as well. I'm more interested in viewing a non-myspace commercial website (not porn or anything like that, btw), but don't want my IP (static) to be logged everytime, as I'd like to keep track of something there without my hits being recorded as coming from a single IP address. I had been going to this website prior to realizing all my hits were being tracked as coming from my own IP address. I hope the people I've been keeping an eye on are not aware of it! But they might be already! I bet my hits were recorded as being on the top 10!! embarrasing... I was such an idiot!!! Any help? BTW, as you can probably tell, I'm a bit of a computer idiot...I know how to use a computer, surf the net, type a document, etc. But beyond that, I know almost nothing....So if you could reply with info on "hiding IP for idiots"and try to be as simple as possible on how to get this done, I'd be greatly thankful.

re: hide my IP address

I just want to hide the country,sate,city,isp, and what type of browser

how to hide IP address

Then surf thru a proxy

Isaac I'd recommend

I'd recommend not trying to disguise your browser.  It's generally a bad idea.  Though, if you download Tor bundeled with Privoxy, you can make Privoxy cover up the browser's ID too.

(note, Privoxy will not conceal your geographic IP or geographic location on it's own; and Tor will not scrub your HTTP request (and hence browser agent) on it's own)

centric "annomizer" proxys are worthless; they all log your browsing; all that changes is that now when the fedanazi's want to spy on you they'll go to instead of your ISP.  complete waste of time.

Re: How to change or hide IP address info

i used ghost-surf witch is a proxy server
it has a level of how much privacy you want
you can hide your ip-location-browser type- and more
and it uses 128 bit encryption or 256 i cant remember?
i love it and its cheaper then anonymizer with more features

hiding your ip does work
the usa supplies the iranian people with anonymizer
so thier government cant monitor what they are doing
free speach kind of thing

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Re: How to change or hide IP address info
Yer spellun is horriblay
Re: How to change or hide IP address info

If your IP is dynamic it will change everytime you log back on to your pc. If your IP is static, it will always stay the same.
FYI: When you send an email your IP can be found in the header part of the email if the receipiant has the settings set up to view it.

Re: How to change or hide IP address info

Still trying to understand the proxy thing (tried setting it for my browsers, but failed). But I'm more interested in using an **online** annonymizer right now (don't want to mess with my IP address at my computer anymore). I don't really care if the hits get recorded at the annonymizer site, as long as the website I visit doesn't get to see my true IP. So could you guys suggest a trustworthy annonymous surfing website? Thanks much!! :P

Re: How to change or hide IP address info

if you dont want to be tracked by trackers go here 


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