infected with keyloggers and such

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infected with keyloggers and such

I do not get a log on password problem when I open up Internet Explorer but I do get a pop up screen telling me that my computer is infected with keyloggers and such. I have turned off my pop ups on IE but it still persists. Not sure what the hell is going on there...


you might have a keylogger or spyware

if you are getting popups that your computer is infected with a keylogger, then one of two things is happening:

  1. Your computer IS infected with a keylogger and your antivirus is trying to warn you!
  2. Your computer is infected with adware/spyware trying trick you into thinking you have a keylogger so you buy their software

Do you have a current, up to date antivirus??? if you dont, you can get a free copy of Norton Antivirus here: Google/Norton Free antivirus

If you do have an antivirus program (and you know it's up to date) then you should check for Spyware. There is a great free-antispyware program you can get called SpyBot Search and destroy - you can download it here.

In the future, there are a few ways to prevent this from happening again:

Use FIREFOX instead of Internet Explorer. Firefox does not allow spyware into your PC the same way Internet Explorer does

Make sure you have an antivirus installed, and make sure it's up to date. If you don't want to shell-out $29 for a full antivirus, try the free one available here: Google/Norton Antivirus

Do what I did: Pitch that Windows PC in the trash and get an Apple Macintosh! You will never have to worry about spyware, viruses, blue-screens-of-death, and all that other crap that is annoying as heck! you use it, and it just works! (i love my new iMac !)

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