Microsoft visual c++ runtime library error

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Microsoft visual c++ runtime library error

my comouter was working fine yesterday then all of a sudden when i tried to open up my pics, or my c drive i get the error on top plus this. Run time error c/windows/explorer.exe

if anyone can help me i would be soo appreciative. email me please. thanks so much!


visual C runtime error

First off;
Do you remember if you've changed anything, or installed any fun-new software recently? if so, that could be the cause of the trouble

Do you have a current antivirus AND anti-spyware program installed, and have you done a full scan with both?

what version of Windows do you have? "XP Home" ?

McAfee SpamKiller/antiPhisher and GoogleToolbar have both been reported to cause this exact problem. If you have either of these programs try uninstalling/disabling them to see if that helps.

i got that fixed

but i received an email about new codes with a link, BUT it doesn't show anyting.. am i missing something??

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