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Mouse problems

About a year ago I had a new HD installed on one of my machines. Instead of installing my XP home version, the repairer installed a copy of XPpro. Ever since I have had problems with my mouse. When I press the button it double or triple clicks, which is quite annoying. Sometimes it's impossible to select text properly. If I try to open or close new browser tabs it will do 3 at a time. I have been through 3 different mice, and none will work properly. He installed a program called browser mouse, and I tried uninstalling that, but it made no difference. I have been through all the settings in windows and nothing I've tried has worked. I went to the MS site to try to dl a new driver, but the copy of XP on the machine won't pass the verification. Any ideas how I can fix this???





For mine, I went to Control Panel. Selected Mouse. And from there you can change the settings, speed, etc of your mouse. Have you done that?


I've tried all that with no luckCry


download updated drivers and see if the new drivers help

I tried that

MS wont let me because they can't validate the version of XP


Go into the chat area I will be there til 430


Didn't see your msg till this morning--was having major difficulty accessing this site yesterday!

Might be a device conflict

Have you tried uninstalling your mouse through Device Manager?

Right-click on My Computer. Choose Properties, click the Hardware tab. Click the Device Manager button. Down the list there is a line that says "Mice and other pointing devices". Expand that tree by clicking the + sign. Now right-click and uninstall all the entries under there then reboot. Don't worry. Windows will detect your current mouse during reboot and should install the correct driver.


I'll give that a try.

Well......that was a no go

I tried it this morning. After rebooting the same problem occurred. Any other ideas?

After 3 different mice,'ve ruled out a faulty mouse. Try looking for an updated driver for your mouse. The drivers for your mouse will be at the manufacturer's website under support. You shouldn't have to pass a Microsoft test there to get a driver. Try updating with this new driver - I don't think this is the problem but it's worth a try.

So just now, we've ruled out a device conflict with pointers and mouse driver error. It's looking to me like it's a USB-related issue.

Have you tried another USB jack?

Do you have a USB hub (splitter) you can try?

Are you using a USB keyboard? If so, try one of the USB ports on the keyboard.

If your keyboard is not USB, there is one other thing we can try - uninstalling the Universal Serial Bus controllers. Let me know if your keyboard is USB.


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