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Let's see

I tried finding a mouse driver for the latest mouse with no luck. It's an Iconcepts usb mouse.

I have usb1.0, a usb 1.0 hub, and usb2.0. No matter where I plug it in, I have the same problem. Currently it's plugged into the hub because it's more convenient for cord length.

My keyboard is not usb.

Thanks for your help on this Stevie!

Is your mouse model listed here:

at "Drivers for Computer Accessories"?

Not sure,

Can't remember what model it is. So I d/l the generic mouse driver. But when I try to install it, the update driver wizard doesn't locate it, and tells me it can't find a better driver. Do I need to move it into a certain directory?

The mouse driver....

.. should have installed on its own when you rebooted after you ran the generic mouse driver setup. I really don't think your problem is driver related.

If it were mine, I would take the next step and uninstall/reinstall the USB controllers. I've done this to my PC when I was having printer connection issues... it may be worth a shot here especially since your keyboard isn't USB.

First turn off and unplug all external USB devices *except your mouse* (you will need it). I mean your USB printer, USB hub, web cam, external hard drives, etc.

Then go back to Device Manager (remember how to get there?) and click the plus sign to open the tree called "Universal Series Bus Controllers". You'll see several entries under there with names that have "USB" and "Hub" in them. Right-click and uninstall each entry in that tree.

Reboot. Windows will reinstall the USB controllers it detects. One at a time, plug your USB devices in letting each one install fully before hooking up any USB devices you unplugged earlier.

See if your mouse still behaves erratically. If it is still acting quirky, then we are out of things we can easily try on our own. There could have been a problem that occurred during the last installation of Windows or possibly an internal hardware problem.

The next thing to try is having your tech reformat and reinstall Windows before you cut deeper.

Safe Mode

Actually before unplugging and uninstalling everything maybe you should try booting into safe mode and see if the problem persists. With an unvalidated copy of XP uninstalling the USB bridge and other devices might not be such a good idea

Thanks so much guys!

I got a little scared about uninstalling the drivers after reading foam's post. So I tried unplugging all my USB stuff, and switching everything around and plugging into different locations, as well as taking yet another mouse from one of my other computers and trying that one. Believe it or worked. The mouse is finally functioning normally! Thanks so much for helping me out with all your ideas!Cool

Glad something worked.

Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason and you have to hold your mouth right :)


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