need help with cookies!

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need help with cookies!

I use firefox and yet I still can't get into certain sites. Keep getting a message saying, We're sorry. You need to use a browser that's enabled to accept cookies. But my browser DOES accept cookies. I switched to it precisely for that reason. Any advice? I've looked in tools, and it says I'm set up to accept cookies. But the family of Gap/Old Navy sites doesn't seem to work with my version of firefox. Any advice?? Thanks!


cookies in Firefox

What version of Firefox are you using?

Firefox 5.0

i downloaded it about a month ago.

Firefox 5.0 ???

Uhh.. i hate to be a wet-blanket, but there IS NO FIREFOX 5.0.. they JUST released Firefox 2.0 a week or two ago..

maybe you should double check the version?

Try downloading the IE tab

Try downloading the IE tab extension see if its just an issue with that site and Firefox

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