Windows Display Properties

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Windows Display Properties

Okay, so I haven't really messed with my display since I had Windows 98... you know, Back in the Day... aaanyway, since no one is in my concert hall, probably busy eating turkey, I thought I'd just post this question here.

I'm trying to alter my titlebars. Well actually that's as far as I got because it wasn't working. I wanted to make the tops of my windows different colors with different font and etc. I'm trying to get it to match with my Black Japan Firefox theme, along with my wallpaper.

I go to my advanced appearance settings and change it all there and apply it... well, the font stays changed... but not the colors... still that ugly blue.

It will change if I set it into the Windows Standard style rather than the XP, but I like the XP buttons and rounded corners and all that jazz...

Does anyone know of a way to alter the colors in the XP style? I don't want the blue or silver or green... I want it to save the advanced settings I set.

Or am I stuck with what it gives me?

Havin trouble and it's been a while since I messed with this feature...




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