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Windows Explorer

well, Windows Explorer has been freezing up on me alot. Nothing else is wrong, just Windows Explorer. All I do to fix it is open up Windows Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del) and restart Explorer without closing anything else. And it works fine after that. but how do I get it to stop freezing? I have all of the Windows XP Power Toys, and I suspect that either TaskSwitch or TweakUI may be causing the problem... but does anyone know how to get Windows Explorer to stop freezing and just be generally faster. Oh, I installed File Ant a while ago, which is an alternative file browser; but I don't use it cause it's not that great.



Windows explorer freeze

Does is freeze no matter HOW you open it?
for example, if you hit START|RUN, and type in C:\Windows, or C:\Progam File (which brings up an Explorer window in those folders) does it still freeze?

it's not a problem with the

it's not a problem with the actual explorer windows so much as it is with the taskbar. the taskbar buttons for Opera and Firefox don't update when I change pages; and my media player which has the current song title in the title bar of the page doesn't update on the taskbar; this also goe's further cause when I minimize Gaim to the side tray, and then maximize it to a window again it doesn't get a button on the task bar; I have to alt+tab to get to it. This also happens with other windows that I open after it freezes... I usally can't get to the start menu.... the explorer windows go slow and occasionally crash, but don't freeze. Sometimes the Start Menu, and two custom toolbars I have won't open (the two custom tool bars are to give me faster access to the file system), but usally not.... they usally just go really really slow.

thus far, closing explorer.exe with Windows Task Manager, and then using the run line (alt > f > n, from any tab of the task manager but networking) to open up Explorer again has worked for resolving all problems. And it doesn't give me problems again till logging out (not switching users) and back in

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